Summer Makeup Bag Contest: Rory’s Makeup Bag

summer makeup bag contest

We’re in the final stretch of makeup bags to feature and this adorable orange and pink bag belongs to Rory.

Here’s what Rory totes in her Lancôme makeup bag:

Makeup Bag: I store my makeup in a beautiful tangerine and pink lined lancome bag. It was made to look like snake skin, which I love! Plus, it was free.

Face wash: I always bring a mini face wash with me. My go-to guy at the moment is Phytomer Perfect Visage. It removes any bit of makeup and dirt without drying your face out.

Moisturizer: After washing, I moisturize my face with Accept Neutralizing Cream from Phytomer, usually mixing in some Neutrogena sunblock. This stuff is amazing. My skin is sooo smooth and it works like a primer. I recommend to those who do not use Phytomer to check this brand out!

Tinted Moisturizer: Some would say that two moisturizers is over kill, but Lancôme Aqua Fusion Teinté in Naturel is a tinted moisturizer that gives me the perfect, summery color and coverage with out being heavy.

Bronzer: Lately, I have been using a drug store find called Maybelline Super Natural Sun. It gives me a sun kissed color and absorbs any sweat or oily skin in summer weather. Also, It works well for contouring.

Blush: For my fair skin, I like a rosy,pinkish blush. I love Smashbosh O-Glow. It is a personalized gel blush, meaning it goes on clear but transforms to your perfect shade instantly. How cool is that? On top of O-Glow, I like to apply a little Iced Lotus from Clinique. It is so shimmery that it almost works like a highlighter. In other words, good for summer.

Highlighter/Illuminator: Over cheeckbones and down nose, I use a dab of Clinique Uplighting Liquid Illuminator in natural. How could I describe this product in words? The color and effect is GORGEOUS. It produces such a dewy, ethereal look.

Concealer: My favorite is Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer. This stuff stays on a long time! Under my eyes, I find Benefit Ooh La Lift to work wonders, “de-puffing” and  concealing dark circles.

Eyebrows: To create a thick and defined arch that stays put, I turn to my handy dandy Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette. It is two sided: One pencil for filling in gaps, and another side that has a wand with a gel.

Eyeshadow: I generally carry two Lancôme eye shadow quartets with me. Lancome eye shadow is just so rich and velvety, so I consider it a basic staple. My day-time Color Design quartet contains Burnt Sand, Suntouched, Latte and Lézard. I use these four beachy colors mostly in summer, when I want just a bit of a glow on my eyelids. At night, I turn to the Color Focus Self-Select quartet containing Provence, Signature Walk, Visionary, and The New Black. These create a really smoky, club-ready look. My favorite color from this one is The New Black, which is full of discreet glitter and really is quite vampy.

Pencil Eyeliner: Benfit Bad Gal really delivers a smoldering, sultry look. The pencil is very thick, so it is not great for precise lines, but is perfect for a smoky eye.

Cream Eyeliner: HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in 930 Brown is absolutely perfect for a long, humid summer day, as it truly stays on until you remove it. I use the brown shade during day time since I do not want black eyeliner on my pale skin during a sunny day.

Liquid Eyeliner: For daytime, I always use The Body Shop Liquid Liner in 02, a deep brown. I like this color because black liquid eyeliner for day time can look too harsh against truly pale skin. At night, I switch to Thelma & Louise liquid eyeliner in black. Thelma & Louise is an Argentine cosmetic brand that I discovered while traveling in Argentina. I bought the liner for only 5 dollars, making it a great buy because it stays on forever.

Mascara: Sometimes it is best to stick to the the classics. That is why I swear by Maybelline Great Lash, the iconic mascara that creates huge lashes on a budget. I layer the Great Lash over Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, which thickens and curls.

Lipgloss: I adore Aveda Lip Shine in Beetroot, which creates juicy, glossy lips that hydrate my pout. Another favorite I always carry around is Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in 23-Star Pink, which is super sparkly and pink. I also keep Benefit California Kissin’ lipgloss with me- this stuff is great! It is blue and sparkly, so it makes teeth appear whiter and freshens your breath with its’ minty fragrance.

Lip Primer: Before I apply lipstick, I apply Benefit Lip Plump, which preps lips for color while thickening your pout.

Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in 306 Crystal Rose is a delicate, soft pink. It matches my skin tone perfectly, so I have almost finished it!

Tools: My basic tools are very simple- A large Cover Girl fluffy brush, a Clinique eye shadow brush, a Lancôme eye shadow sponge applicator, a Clinique blush brush, an angled eyeliner brush, a Covergirl eye lash curler, Revlon tweezers, and a Clinique pencil sharpener.

Lip Balm: While traveling in Brazil, I noticed all the natives of the country were using a white/beige lip balm. I asked about it, and they told me it was “cacao”. I asked for one in a drugstore, and the showed me a huge selection of lip blams whose main ingredient was cacoa butter! I was so excited and bought several to take back with me. This “Zanphy Protetor Labial” is super moisturizing, smells good and contains FPS 15, all at the sweet price of $1.00.

I also added a candle to the photo because I had it sitting around in my makeup bag for weeks from a baby shower I attended. It smells like cotton candy!

Thanks Rory! I’ve yet to sniff a candle that smells like cotton candy but that’s right up Janey’s alley!

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