Smashbox Eye Light Waterproof Eye Highlighter and Brush

I spotted this Smashbox Eye Light Waterproof Eye Highlighter and Brush #34 on QVC’s website this morning and was instantly intrigued – this liner isn’t navy, black, brown or gray – it’s LIGHT!

Upon further examination, I realized it’s that way for a reason; this pearlescent pot is meant to impart eyes with a bright, white quality, in a subtler, more ethereal way than sporting white liner on the inner rims of your eyes.

Better yet, it comes with one of my all-time favorite brushes, so you really can’t go wrong. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Smashbox Eye Light Waterproof Eye Highlighter and Brush #34 is available from QVC for $38.

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  • Hi Erika ! Thank you 4 posting this !! I just bought white eyeliner in pursuit of a more “wider-eye” look,,,my eyes are almond shaped (like yours :) ) so they look longer than wider and i wanted to make them look wider…but like u said,,,that white eyeliner looked ghostly on me and only irritated my eyes making them swell and look smaller ! I’m going to go look for this today,,,hope I can find it here in Saudi Arabia!

    Cornflake Girl (Reply)
  • Another alternative to this product (if you cannot afford to spend your hard-earned dollars on purchasing yet another product!) is to mix a pearl highlighter eyeshadow (such as a shimmer dust) with water, or to make it waterproof like this one, an eyeliner sealer. This will also help to tone down the shimmer and make it more appealing if you want just a subtle highlight.

  • Another alternate would be to use Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Transforming Potion to turn a white, pearlescent (or other light colored) eyeshadow into a liner.

    But I do so love that brush!

  • I truly object to QVC. Any other places to buy. Not at Smashbox site. HELLLLLLLLLLLP!

    AIDAN (Reply)

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