Essence of Beauty Hand Soap from CVS

hand soap

I found the BEST hand soap here at the CVS Beauty Lounge at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It’s called Essence of Beauty Pomegranate Apple and I am in LOVE.

On sale at CVS for just $3.99, you can’t afford to NOT have this in your bathroom!

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  • Pretty bottle…

  • These are beautiful soaps, but do they have toxic sodium lauryl sulphate in them? I would bet that they do.

  • i love the bottles and they look so cute! i agree with sarade. sometimes i try not to buy cheap soaps and detergents because they can really mess with your skin and fabrics.
    i’ll def. check it out though.

    bomi (Reply)
  • ooh I love Essence of beauty! have you tried their soy candle? it’s a candle, massag oil, and lotion all in one!


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