Bobbi Brown & Lauren Bush Announce the FEED 10 Pouch


Bobbi Brown and Lauren Bush have collaborated to create the FEED 10 pouch which will help provide disadvantaged women with the most basic necessity in life—food.

“The basics that you and I may take for granted are luxuries for so many women who just want to be able to work and stand on their own two feet,” says Bobbi Brown, founder and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.”

Each of these pouches, crafted out of sustainable materials using fair trade labor, is filled with three of Bobbi’s favorite lip gloss shades: Petal, Rose Sugar and Aubergine.

Every purchase of a Feed 10 pouch will provide ten women with food through the United Nations World Food Program “Food for Work Program,” which enables women to thrive by offering much-needed job training and work in exchange for food.

“FEED is proud to partner with Bobbi Brown on the FEED 10 pouch. The FEED/Bobbi Brown collaboration is an easy way for women here to support women in developing nations around the world.” -Lauren Bush

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Bobbi Brown any more, she goes and does this!

The FEED 10 Pouch is available beginning October 2009 at Bloomingdale’s for $50.

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