Ultimate Brow Experience: Shobha


While in New York last month with my beautiful friends, we stopped in to Shobha on Manhattan’s west side for some expert brow shaping.


My first-ever threading experience was a bit more painful than I expected but, in all fairness, I had been growing my brows out for months beforehand trying to achieve a fuller, more Brooke Shields-esque look.

My brow specialist, Promila, was likely frightened by my beastly brows but she was sweet enough to pretend like she didn’t notice.  The technique of threading involves twisting and pulling a piece of thread to remove unwanted hairs. The thread allows for precise removal without chemicals or unnecessary tugging on delicate skin. Within minutes, my brows were cleaned up and looking sleek.

It actually took me a few days to get used to my new brows as they’re a bit skimpier than my previous brows (but then, even the tiniest amount of cleaning up would look skimpy compared to my previous brows), but now I’m liking my sleeker, eye-framing brows.

In the photo above Daneen from Spoiled Pretty (left), Julia from All About the Pretty (right) and I are showing off our freshly threaded brows in the back of a cab on our way to pick up Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie and heading off to dinner.

(For more pictures from our fun night on the town, visit Spoiled Pretty— she has the low down on what went down.)

Shobha has three locations in New York City and offers threading, sugaring and waxing.

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  • you all look fab!:) i’ve never had my brows threaded– maybe i should make an appointment…

  • Hey Erika,
    I’ve never gotten my eyebrows threaded but I’ve gotten them waxed.
    When I get them waxed, they don’t really shape the brows for me but only get rid of hair underneath the eyebrow.
    Do they shape it for you if you get them threaded?

    bomi (Reply)
  • You girls look great. I’d love to try threading but I don’t think that they have any place around me that does it.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • You guys look really amazing but I think that the brooke shields look frames your face much better.

    Belinda (Reply)

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