Summer Makeup Bag Contest: Sophie’s Makeup Bag

summer makeup bag contest sophie

Sophie is a darling 16-year-old from the UK that writes a blog called Kicking Couture. She loves nail polish almost as much as I did when I was her age!

Here’s what’s in Sophie’s makeup bag:

My makeup bag is just a cute bag I picked up in a local boutique. I loved the floral pattern and the compartments inside. Be prepared for a lot–haha!!

I’m obsessed with nail polishes and always keep one or two in my bag,  my current faves are:

  • Revlon Plum seduction-  Its actually this gorgeous purple raspberry colour!
  • OPI Dont think just pink – Purples are my fave choice this summer, so I always keep this Barbie pink with a purple undertone with me


I think if you’re in a rush and you should always put mascara and a little eyeliner on as it brings out your eyes!!

Mascara- Im currently loving Maybelline Colossal, but its still doesn’t beat CG Lashblast but I cant get it in the UK so I have to rely on this!

Eyeshadow-  Revlon colour stay quad. I love this, its doesn’t have much pigmentation but the colours are just a dream! I’ve used it so much the name has rubbed off!

Primer- Urban Decay Primer Potion, I love this product as it helps your eye shadow stay on longer and makes the colours POP!!

Eyeliner – Revlon Kohl Eyeliner, seriously the best eyeliner ever, so so soft and applies like a dream and I love the smudgy thing on the end!


Concealer and t/m- I use MAC’s studio finish concealer, as it’s a medium/heavy coverage so all I need is a tinted moisturiser. I use Clinique’s Almost Makeup as it doesn’t clog my pores and provides a sheer coverage.

Bronzer – Clinique’s true bronze, is the best one bronzer I’ve found as it blends so easily and gives a sun kissed glow!!

Blush- I like a light blush, so MAC Mineralized Duo in Moon River gives a gorgeous baby pink glow.


Lipstick – MAC’s Hue lipstick, I have a back up of this in another purse because I love its peachy pink look!

Lipgloss-  MAC isn’t usually my favourite for glosses but I love Mimmy as it’s a gorgeous baby pink and Moonbathe as it’s a peachy pink!

Lipbalm- Carmex in cherry is the best!! It smells so good  and somehow it lightens the tone of my lips!

And a Sneaky one

Perfume-  Dolce and Gabbana ” the one” I’ve run out of the sample I keep in my bag, so I lug around the bottle!! It smells like peaches and musky but it settles down to a peachy, creamy warm scent!

Thank you for sharing, Sophie!

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Want to enter this contest? It’s not too late! Send photos and a description of your makeup bag to: Winner will be announced on August 31st.

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  • Yay!! I <3 Sophie! :-)

  • Thanks erika for the lovely comment and linking to my blog!!! aww thanks amanda!


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