Summer Makeup Bag Contest: Sezin’s Makeup Bag

summer makeup bag contest sezin

Today we’re featuring the summer makeup bag of Sezin. Here’s what’s in Sezin’s makeup bag:

Although I’ve got 5 big make up bags for travel, i use this one because it’s see through and very light and easy to carry everywhere. And you can pack it in 5 minutes. Since I found out these advantages of this bag, I’ve thrown away the other elegant and pretty bags and been using this wherever I go.

As for my make up products:
-Garnier Ambre Solaire Sun Protection Spray SPF50: I have light skin and bronze skin doesn’t suit me at all. And my skin is a bit allergic, so I always try to use protection before I put my makeup on.
-Elidor Passionate Red Leave In Conditioner: This emphasises red hair and gives your hair the shape you want. This has been my favourite hair product of this summer.
-Golden Rose Stick Concealer White: As I said before I have light skin and to cover darker areas like under-eyes, I use this product. And it’s also good as an eyeshadow base.
-Lady Rose Foundation light: I don’t use foundation all over my face. I’ve never liked the feeling of covering your face. I just use this for some higher pigmented areas on my face. It equalizes the tone in a way. But I have to use my white stick concealer because otherwise those areas look a lot more pigmented. If I only use stick it looks unnatural so this way I can balance it.
-Eyelash Curler: I almost always use this. Even if I’m alone at home. Sometimes I heat it then curl my lashes for 15 sec. They look amazing so I don’t need mascara.
-Tweezers and scissors: I always carry these with me as i have very dark hair and very light skin. I pluck my eyebrows almost everyday!!
-Pastel Dark Grey Eye Shadow: This fits with whatever I wear. With only this product I can pass all the vacation:)
-Eyeshadow brushes: These smooth and easy-to-apply brushes are indispensible for me!!
-Avon Super Full Mascara: I’m almost in love with this! When I don’t have time to curl my lashes I apply 2 layers of this and then the curly look is there! And without making your lashes sticky.
-Essence Eye Liner black: The brush is not so easy to apply but i can apply almost all eye-liners without a mistake. It can create very thin lines, as if there’s no eyeliner, but defines eyes perfectly while doing so. So it’s ok for me.
-Avon Pro-to-go lipstick provocative plum: Very beautiful colour that really suits me. That’s MY colour!! And it contains SPF15. However not so long-lasting
-Avon Colour Trend Transculent Powder light: I use this powder to make my lipstick last longer. It really works.
-Alix Avien and Carmina lipliners: For a natural and casual look i use alix avien 336, and for formal look I use carmina dark red lipstick.
-Avon Colour Trend cherry lip balm: Use this usually under my make up. I apply this and after that I colour my lips with lipliners only! to create a matte and extremely defined look, it lasts longer,too.
– Avon Perfect Wear Makeup Remover: This is for long lasting makeup products especially. It removes the make up without a trace. It has an oily feeling and you have to rinse it off after removing your make up with a cotton. But no other products including milks has never removed my make up this successfully.

So these are my indispensables for a summer makeup bag. A very fun contest!!!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Sezin!

I’m a little behind in getting our final contest entrants up so I’ll be announcing the winner of this contest in the morning.

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Summer Makeup Bag contest winner will be announced tomorrow!

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