Summer Makeup Bag Contest: Julie’s Makeup Bag

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I love the idea of a Summer Makeup Bag Contest because I love finding out what other people have in their makeup bags!

Earlier this summer I asked Makeup Bag readers to submit photos of their makeup bags for a chance to win over $350.00 worth of beauty products. This is my chance to clean out my beauty closet AND sneak a peak into your makeup bag. It’s a win-win for me. Ha!

Our first submission to the Summer Makeup Bag Contest came from Julie, a reader who sent in her submission from London:

“I actually am in London right now for a month for school, so this isn’t just how I “would” pack my bag, it’s how I did pack it. I’m mostly spending my time in archives and museums so nothing too fancy, just presentable. And also minimal because of the space limitations of living abroad for a month out of a single suitcase. My apologies for somewhat-dim photos, London is not the sunniest place today.

First the bags themselves, nothing special, really. I carried my makeup in two portions. All the liquids had to go in the checked bag of course so I use a clear plastic ziplock that originally came with a set of manicure tools, lol. Then I carried my pressed powders in the turtle bag (Paul and Joe for Target) in my carry-on. That’s what the little cotton rounds are for; they help to fill in the compacts and prevent breaking. The bonus of course is that the turtle bag then doubles as a wristlet if I want to go out in the evening.

The makeup itself I photographed in order of putting it on, left to right. First is actually not a makeup item but my eye drops, followed by sunscreen (yes, even in London…!). Then Benefit You’re Bluffing to correct a discoloration on my lip and Benefit You Rebel Lite tinted moisturizer as a light base. Next is my Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation, applied with the Eco Tools powder brush and the Scunci mirror I’ve had since middle school :) Next comes MAC Mineralize Blush in Hot Planet from the Grand Duos collection this year, applied with the MAC shorthandled 129. The next item is Stila’s Convertible Eye Color in teak — I love this for traveling, it has the liner and shadow in there! The white pencil next to it I actually bought after I got here, it’s a similar product by new i.d. cosmetics (a British brand) in olive. Love these! Two Burt’s Bees lipbalms because they are essential. Finally, L’Oreal Voluminous Naturale mascara and, for special occasions, MAC Dazzleglass in Utterly Posh. Oh, and one more non-makeup item, the Band-Aid Blister Block, which is necessary for getting around the city in nice shoes. I tend to keep the eye drops and the blister block with my makeup to keep them part of the routine and prevent myself from forgetting about them.”

Thank you Julie! I love that you’ve been using the same mirror since middle school!

It’s not too late to submit photos of your own makeup bag—just send your submission to: Winners will be randomly selected on August 31st.

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  • Yay :) The postscript to this is that I bought a ton of makeup in the Harrods sale! So much for travelling light!

    julie (Reply)

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