Summer Makeup Bag Contest: Donna’s Makeup

donnas makeup

I love that Donna uses a pencil case to hold her makeup. Such a cute idea! Also, Donna THREADS HER OWN EYEBROWS?! I need a lesson, stat. Please and thank you, Donna!

Here is what Donna says about her Makeup Bag:

My makeup bag is actually a pencil case (lol)! But i thought it was so pretty since its a fun metallic bright red so thought I could use it for a makeup bag :)

In my makeup bag:

Professional Cosmetic Wedges: I like to use wedges instead of brushes because they’re disposable. This obviously can’t fit in my makeup bag so I only carry one or two in there.

Polysporin: I know this isn’t makeup but summer = killer mosquitos where I live. I don’t like to scar from their bites so I use Polysporin to prevent scarring

Studio Mac Fix: I LOOOVE this stuff. I never leave my house without it as it gives me an overall flawless look. Because its a powder, it also keeps the shine away.

Face Secrets: These are oil blotters that I also cannot live without. Instead of packing on powder when my face gets oily, I like to just blot the oil away.

Cover Girl Fresh Complexion: I use this under my eye to make it brighter so I look more fresh and awake. For some reason, this also makes my skin look nicer.

Rimmel London Eye Magnifier: I LOVE this mascara because I only have to apply one coat. I like mascaras with a thin skinny brush because I get more control instead of the using the big fluffy brushes where I have to apply 2 – 3 coats to get the look that I want.

MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam V: This is my favourite lipgloss of all time. It gives a natural nude look for my skin tone with a little bit of “oompf” because its shimmery. LOVE it.

Maybelline liquid eyeliner: I always wear eyeliner on the top of my eyelids just to give my eyes a little more life.

Almay Clear Complexion Makeup: I get breakouts now and then and this stuff actuallys works for my skin. I use this as a foundation and then I seal it with Studio Fix by MAC.

Thread: I know this also isn’t makeup. But i like to thread my own eyebrows instead of plucking them and i find that threading is easier than plucking.

Rosebud Salve: I got this at Sephora and i love it so much. I use this as lipbalm and lotion for my really really dry skin. My shoulder was peeling (ew) from staying in the sun too long at the beach and i just grabbed a slab of this and smeared it on the peeling skin and it healed it!

Rimmel London Smokey Blue 4 quad eyeshadow: I use this eyeshadow when I’m going out at night just to give me a more “sexy dramatic” look

Bonne Bell white eyeliner: I use this at the bottom of my eyes to make them pop.

:) and thats it!

Thank you, Donna!

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Want to enter this contest? It’s not too late! Send photos and a description of your makeup bag to: Winner will be announced on August 31st.

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