Philosophy Field of Flowers

field of flowers

I recently started dabbling in the practice of wearing perfume or scented lotion to bed, thanks to my friend Julia who swears this is the only way to drift off to dreamland.

My latest ritual involves a long bath with Philosophy Field of Flowers Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath (I use it for the latter) and then slathering myself with the ultra-rich matching body lotion. Field of Flowers is a fresh, floral scent that’s not too intense yet strong enough to leave me with visions of beautiful flowers dancing in my head. I drift off to sleep feeling relaxed and smelling amazing.

I think Julia has a point.

Philosophy Field of Flowers is available online at

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  • Didn’t you wake up happy? That’s the point. Plus, you get to use up what’s in the arsenal.

  • I’d do anything Julia suggested. :)

  • I do that too and I learned it from her. Philosophy scents are great for this because they don’t wear that long and it wouldn’t even matter in this case. I use unconditional love and I wake up to the smell on my sheets, it makes me happy.

    Jaime (Reply)

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