Nail Flavor of the Week: Color Club Vintage Couture (and others)

nail flavor 080309

This week Bree chose Color Club Vintage Couture, a chalky pink shade, for her manicure.

(Here’s a fun fact: Bree has GARGANTUAN hands. You probably haven’t been able to tell with these pictures, but they’re impressively large!)

Bailey chose to paint her nails a neon yellow: Essie Funky Limelight.

nail flavor b 080309

This happened only 3 days after she painted her nails a pretty purple shade (I may or may not have mentioned before that nail-painting is somewhat of a hobby around here). Thankfully Bailey documented this on her Twitpic account:

bailey purple polish

OPI A Grape Fit! via @bbbbailey

Bree’s friend Danielle is here on Kauai visiting us this month and she got in on the nail-painting as well. Danielle mixed it up with Color Club Volt of Light layered over Zoya Paz:

nail flavor c 080309

As for me, I have a small confession to make. Somehow I managed to PICK OFF ALL OF MY GELIFE NAILS. I swear it started with just a lifting corner on my left thumb. I was sitting in Starbucks with my husband, having one of those long conversations where he’s telling me all about his newest project and the permits and licensing and staff and yields and square footage and everything that I really want to understand but can’t because all I can focus on is the corner of my left thumbnail where the Gelife is lifting.

Before I finished my soy latte, I managed to peel both thumbs and my right middle finger off in easy sheets. It wasn’t long before I had all ten fingers stripped clean. If you’re a picker, Gelife might not be for you.

However if you can leave them alone, nothing beats the glossy shine and no-chip formula.

What’s on your nails this week?

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  • How much was the gelife?
    Maybe i’ll try it too!

    bomi (Reply)
  • Essie Funky Limelight looks great! color is just perfect for summer

  • I am definitely a picker! Once I get one nail picked off, it’s over, they ALL have to go.

    This week (and probably for several to come) I’m sporting Sephora by OPI in Darkroom (I think that’s the name of it–that new super dark green they have). LOVE!

  • I’m waiting to do the OPI axxium gel soak offs for my hands… on my toes is Zoya’s Anastasia.
    Zoya is heaven!

  • I love the Color Club Vintage Couture. I use to had one in just the same color but from Peggy Sage and it looked great on short nails, also was long lasting

  • where can you buy the color club stuff?

    laura (Reply)

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