For Your Guy: Armani Attitude Extreme

Attitude Extreme

If this ad alone isn’t enough to make you run out and get your man a bottle of Armani Attitude Extreme then I don’t know what to say.

I’m thinking of blowing this up to life-size proportions and hanging it on the wall in my office. Good idea, no?

Attitude Extreme Bottle

Attitude Extreme is a more intense version of Armani Attitude. Here’s what the brand says about this new fragrance:

“The woody oriental has been reworked to display masculinity in a more sensual, pronounced way. Its strong and elegant expression leaves an unforgettable, lasting imprint.
The Sicilian Lemon top note is cloaked in the star anise note and cardamom giving off a spicy, aromatic burst of infinite richness and freshness.
At the heart, the coffee-cedar accord is shaken up with incense whose purity exudes a warm sensuality.
The base is enhanced with smooth, woody ambergris and mysterious, enveloping Indonesian Patchouli creating a truly desirable combination”

Armani Attitude Extreme is available online at

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  • Ooh, he is eye candy. Yum!

  • I like him. :)

  • I tried this today and it was my fave in the store, very sexy for men, us girls are tired of you all smelling weak and watery, be a man!

    Cathy (Reply)

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