CHANEL Ultra Correction Lift

chanel ultra correction lift

CHANEL is introducing a new range of skincare products come September: CHANEL Ultra Correction Lift.

“A lifted and toned appearance requires more than a boost of collagen and elastin. It also requires TENSIN, a critical protein, naturally abundant in young skin, that anchors and connects cells to the skin’s dermal network. CHANEL scientists discovered that the key to helping restore tensin to its youthful level is Elemi PFA, an exclusive, powerful ingredient targeted to stimulate the production of this age-defying protein.

With Elemi PFA at the heart of the collection, new ULTRA CORRECTION LIFT naturally firms and lifts skin from within. Collagen and elastin synthesis is intensified, supporting and fortifying skin’s newly reconnected network. Suitable for all skin types, new ULTRA CORRECTION LIFT measurably enhances skin’s appearance as facial contours are redefined and skin achieves a visibly toned and revitalized look. The uncompromising quality of CHANEL turns research into results.”

I have to admit, CHANEL skin care has been a part of my lifestyle since I fell in love with Sublimage back in 2007. As my husband will reluctantly attest, I am not afraid to spend my hard-earned money on skin care products that produce results and CHANEL rarely disappoints me. This might explain why he raised one eyebrow and released a slow and deliberate sigh last month when I excitedly rambled on about this new skin care line from Chanel. (One of the downsides of working from home is that I tend to “talk shop” with whomever happens to be within ear distance. Usually, it’s my dog Jack.)

This new range sounds especially interesting as Elemi PFA is an ingredient extracted from the Manila elemi tree that is indiginous to the Philippine island, Luzon. (My grandfather was from Luzon! Specifically, Ilocos Norte. See? I NEED this. My Grandpa Requilman would have wanted me to have this. Ha!) Chanel used their polyfractioning technique to extract the most active molecules from the elemi tree to create elemi PFA, a powerful ingredient they claim will improve skin firmness.

Ultra Correction Lift comes in a Sculpting Firming Concentrate ($165), Lifting Firming Day Fluid SPF 15 ($150), Lifting Firming Day Cream SPF 15 ($150) and Lifting Firming Night Cream ($165).

CHANEL Ultra Correction Lift is available beginning September 2009 at Chanel counters nationwide and online at

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  • I’m really into the packaging they’re using for this line! (Yes, I’m kind of a sucker for great packaging.)


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