BeautyBlender Blender Sponge & Cleanser Kit

beauty blender

I’ll admit, amid all of the hype and raves, I still haven’t tried the Beautyblender! The egg-shaped, latex-free sponge has taken the industry by storm – devotees swear by its unique shape and ability to access hard-to-reach areas.

If ever I do decide to give it a go, this kit is a great way to test the waters. It contains two (hot pink!) Beautyblender sponges as well as a Blendercleanser, an intriguing contraption and solution that cleans your Beautyblender with a soy-based, lavender-scented formula.

Beautyblender Blender Sponge & Cleanser Kit is available from for $39.95.

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  • I bought a 2 pack and haven’t touched them yet.

    Dani (Reply)
  • I would never go back to a brush after the Beauty Blender. I am on my second one. Fabulous!!!! Foundation,concealer even cream blush does them all flawless.

    Donna (Reply)

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