Top Summer Fragrances


Although it’s been a relatively mild summer thus far in Kauai, it’s still hot and humid enough to leave me feeling wilted and less than glamorous come 3:00 p.m.

The easiest way to boost my spirits, I’ve found, is a spritz of one of my favorite summer scents. Light and easy, these four fragrances have been in constant rotation this summer (until Bree swiped my bottle of Sheer Calyx, that is). A quick spray of fragrance instantly lifts my mood and makes a hot summer afternoon bearable. (Also? I smell better.)

Here are the scents that have kept me feeling fresh and pretty all summer long:

Kenzo L’eauparKenzo eau Indigo This has been my favorite evening fragrance all summer. I have yet to even want to wear anything else. Notes of ylang ylang and sambac jasmine make this Kenzo scent slightly powdery and very special. Each morning I sniff my wrists for the lingering notes of the previous night and smile to myself.

Degree Classic Romance I’m obsessed with clinical strength deodorant but hate how the “sporty” scent clashes with my fragrance. Now Degree has a clinical strength deodorant in the “Classic Romance” scent to match my favorite Degree Classic Romance body mist from their Fine Fragrance Collection. I can layer this citrus-y floral scent and smell delicious even as I melt under the hot sun.

Prescriptives Sheer Calyx Like Oprah, I’m drawn to grapefruit top notes and this light, refreshing version of the original Calyx is just my speed. Exotic fruits, lush flowers and smooth woods make this an easy scent to love. (Just ask Bree!)

Thierry Mugler Angel Sunessence If you like the original Angel, you’re going to love this summer version of the gourmand fragrance. With all the same delicious notes that made me fall in love with the original Angel (honey, vanilla, caramel—sounds like an ice cream sundae!), Sunessence is softer and lighter than her older sister.

What fragrances are you wearing and loving this summer?

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  • All of these sound great for the summer, light and refreshing and not overpowering at all.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Might have to check out the Degree fragrance, it is in my price range :)

    Rachel (Reply)

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