The September Issue

Can’t WAIT to see this documentary!

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  • Completely with you on that..

    More than anything I have sheer respect for this woman. People need to be in a position to comment before they have the audacity to do so… People at the top are always criticized, always will be and always have been.

    Do review it, once you’ve seen it!! I’m hoping alot of blogs do..

    Take Care and give a hug to Janey from me, I LOVE her :)) She’s so adorable.. ‘adorable’ is over used but for Janey it applies utterly and completely :)

    kaya (Reply)
  • Haha she looks just like my MIL. How weird is that? Same cool disposition too!

    I do think it’s horrible that she’s revered as a bitch because a man in her position would not be looked down upon for being opinionated. At the same time there is no real reason to be a bitch(not saying she necessarily is one though cause I have no idea)when it’s just as easy to be nice.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • No, thanks.

  • Looks so amazing… crazy to think that you could dictate your vision & have everyone clamor to meet those expectations – that’s an insane amount of power & stature.

  • The real Devil Wears Prada! The exciting world of fashion in a documentary! Can’t wait!


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