Random Ridiculousness

Here in Kauai, it’s not unusual to find locals selling fresh fish on the side of the road.

You’ll even see the occasional Patele (like a tamale) or, more commonly, flower leis sold by locals looking to make some quick cash.

Yesterday, on our way home from hiking in Waimea Canyon, we spotted some locals selling KRISPY KREME DONUTS on the main highway:


The closest Krispy Kreme store is an airplane ride over to another island, so this is beyond laughable to me. I wonder what Krispy Kreme would think of it?

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  • I’ve seen people hawking Trader Joe’s products on Oahu. But fresh Krispy Kremes is definitely taking it to another level. I guess they’re fulfilling local needs!

  • I know! So funny—and totally illegal! Haha.

  • erika! your daughter looks so beautiful. and now you have me craving krispy kreme!

  • That is too funny!

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Too cool! I love these little glimpses into Island life, keep them coming.

  • I’d rather have a homemade pastele, or some pickled mango, please!

  • Ummmm…krispy kreme….

  • I also live on an island, a ferry or plane ride away from a Krispy Kreme. Selling the donuts is a common fundraiser here for kids’ sports teams! Usually they set up shop outside of a gas station or mall and sell them for $1 each minimum donation. It really gets peoples’ attention!

    Emmy (Reply)
  • Does that sign say 2 for $20?!


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