Old School Makeup Bag: Because I Have Hair Issues

Not that hair is my only issue, because-trust me-I have many. But my hair is truly a girl’s worst nightmare.

In order to achieve the slightest bit of volume, I must pack on the product, and blow-dry with a big round brush almost immediately after getting out of the shower (read: hair must be sopping wet).

If I don’t go through these steps, my baby fine hair lays flat against my head like I’ve been wearing a beanie for 18 hours. It’s bad.

The one alternative we’ve found to avoid these woes is the Tigi Bedhead Dual Barrel Waver.

tigi dual barrel waver

This handy little waver is my best friend when I get distracted in the morning-updating this website, making breakfast for the kids, doing last-minute ironing-and find my hair completely dry before I know it (when you have hair as fine as mine it air-dries in 6 minutes flat). Thankfully, a few crimps with the Tigi Bedhead Dual Barrel Waver and I’m ready to walk out the door with perfectly presentable hair.

The barrel is adjustable for deep or shallow waves and works wonders to give life to my limp locks. I use this 2-3 times per week (or more) for wavy, voluminous hair in half the time it takes to blow-dry.

If I’m in a super-rush, I’ll crimp just my crown and hairline before pulling hair back into a low pony. This adds volume and dimension to an otherwise boring ponytail.

Tigi Bedhead Dual Barrel Waver is available online at Ulta.com for $34.99

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  • So this gives volume without “crimps” or curls? I also have flat hair (especially during the summer–humidity and wind are the worst culprits) so I would love this as long as it doesn’t give too many tight curls but gave volume on top. Is this possible? Thanks!

  • I love this line. When I was going to open my own salon I was determined to use these tools and products.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Hey, show us a picture of how you look after! Must see!

  • yay!! thanks so much for the tip. i had a baby in september and ever since then my normally straight hair has been a frizzy curly nightmare. it’s so hard when you have straight hair your whole life and *poof* it just changes. i’ve had no clue how it deal with it. especially since the top is not as curly as the bottom. now i can just run this tool over the top/middle area and it looks great!! now if i could just get it to stop turning orange, darn hormones.

    tina (Reply)
  • This looks completely sci-fi compared to the old one I use.

  • Looks like an interesting hair tool. I’m always on the lookout for different things to give my hair some lift, so thanks for sharing this. You should post a picture so we can see what your hair looks like!


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