The Great LATISSE Experiment


A couple months ago I went to my dermatologist and got a prescription for Latisse, the new FDA-approved eyelash enhancing serum from Allergan.

I have to admit that I have not been using it religiously (in fact, I still have the same bottle I started with on April 17th) but I can really see a difference in the fullness and length of my eye lashes with just 4-5 days per week of use.

The before and after shots above are rather deceiving, as I feel like the improvement is much more prominent in person than you see here in these photos.

Now, I must say, I have dark brown eyes so the warnings of potential increased brown iris pigmentations (which is likely to be permanent) did not freak me out one bit. If I had blue or green eyes, however, I think I would seriously consider whether longer lashes are worth the risk of permanently staining my eyes.

I think my friend Kristen from Beauty Addict speaks for all blue-eyed women when she said in this post, “There is just no way that I’m willing to risk losing my blue eye color, which I love dearly, just for the sake of better-looking lashes.”

The first week I used Latisse, I experienced red, itchy eyelids where I apply the product (you can kind of see my swollen red eyelid in the first photo) but it went away after ten days or so. So far, that is the only side effect I’ve experienced.

How to Use Latisse

Latisse comes with 60 disposable applicators—a one-month supply. Here is how I’ve been applying it:

  1. Remove eye makeup and contact lenses and wash face thoroughly.
  2. Apply serum, eye cream and other night-time moisturizers as usual.
  3. Carefully apply one drop of Latisse to the very tip of the disposable applicator. This is very important because if you drip the solution too far down the brush, it seems to be absorbed into the bristles and there isn’t enough product to apply to your eye.
  4. Apply the Latisse to the skin along the base of your upper lashline as if you were applying liquid eyeliner. Your eyelid should feel wet without any excess dripping off. (If you apply too much, use a tissue to blot.)
  5. Dispose of the applicator after one use.
  6. Repeat on other eye with new sterile applicator.

Allergan claims that you’ll begin to see results by week 8 with full results after 12 to 16 weeks.

Check out actress Brooke Shields’ before and after Latisse photos:


I’ll keep you posted on my Great Latisse Experiment as I approach weeks 12 and 16.

Latisse is available by prescription only for $120.00 for a one-month’s supply (or, if you’re lazy and forgetful like me, it might last you twice as long!)

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  • Thanks for posting this! I do see the difference in your lashes, although I have to say, that if my eye lid would’ve become red and swollen I would’ve stopped using it after a few days.

    What happens when you stop using Latisse? Do your lashes go back to the way they were? Is there a max amount of time that you can use this product?

  • Hi Shannon! My derm said that lashes will return to normal with discontinued use.

    The product can be used as long as you’d like (or as long as I’m willing to spend $120 per bottle of Latisse!) but application frequency can be reduced to maintain the results.

  • Hi,
    Thanks so much for posting about your Latisse experience. I tried Neulash and wrote about it on my blog Lauras Beauty Bounty
    I also experienced itchy eyes while using Neulash so that seems a common issue with these lash growing products. Did you try Latisse on your brows at all and is that a designated use for Latisse?
    Take care,

  • I’m using it too, and mine are boarder line Brooke Shields level. They are out of control! Soooo amazing. Definitely look like faux lashes with mascara on.

  • That’s exciting to know it works! But I’ll pass since I have blue eyes!

  • I’ve heard alot of women have better luck with Lilash. I have long lashes, but I’d like them thicker.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Thanks for these tips, there is always something more to learn.

  • I’m with Kristen. There is no way I’d risk my eye color. My lashes are okay anyway. With a little mascara they look good.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • my husband uses glaucoma eye drops in one eye, has for years, and Latisse has the same active ingredient as his glaucoma drops. His eye lashes on that eye are SO LONG. this ingredient really does work. he has blue eyes, and they never turned brown, even after years of use. his eyelid is also more red/slightly irritated than the other one. the downside – his lashes are so long, they fall out a lot, and get caught in his eye, which is painful sometimes.

    lori (Reply)
  • I have been using it for a month and can tell!! It is kind of amazing. They are thicker but not longer yet. I have three friends that have been using it and two of them had to cut them since they got so long. It looks striking!

  • Latisse is amazing! – If you are looking for a great physician supervised site to buy online consider

    89 per vial..

  • Latisee was WONDERFUL – my lashes were so long and thick I had daily compliments. They were beautiful – key word – WERE.

    However, now after 7 months of use – and yes I use it religiously – now my lashes have retunred to stubs – shorter than their natural length. First they started falling out and then returned -thick and curly – some of them are starting to come back longr – not sure what I will do next. Trying to keep using it in hopes that long lashes will return — be careful.

  • What are the statistics on the eye color actually changing? I have not heard anyone say that Latisse has changed their eye color yet?

    theresa (Reply)
  • Theresa – to date, there are NO documented cases of anyone using Latisse AS DIRECTED who experienced changes in the color of their iris. This has ONLY been documented in patients using this for glaucoma, as eye drops, for extended periods of time. When using Latisse for lash growth, you are NOT applying this in the eye – and if you do get a small amount of seepage into the eye, the amount is so minimal that you literally have a snowball’s chance in he** of having this happen.

    I have gorgeous, light blue-green eyes, and I can assure you that I would not be using Latisse if I hadn’t read the literature, seen the statistics, and realized that people are seriously hyping this theoretical iris color change side effect. Have I mentioned that not ONE documented case of this has been reported in anyone using Latisse as prescribed for eye lash growth? Not one. I’ve also not experienced any eye lid skin darkening, itching, or redness. The only side effects I’ve seen are crazy-long, to die for lashes that people keep looking at, and girlfriends telling me that I look younger.

    Laura (Reply)
  • I have tried dropping latisse on the tip, in the center, accross the top and always the latisse seems to absorb into the bristles of the applicator brush. I don’t feel like anything is getting onto my lashes and I’m just wasting the product. It’s been two weeks. Any suggestions? Please?

    Momo (Reply)
    • Hi Momo,

      I had the same problem when my drops were too small. Try adding a larger drop of Latisse, right to the tip of the brush. And keep the tip pointed down as you bring the brush to your eyelid. This keeps the product from soaking too far up the brush before you apply it. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the quick response!! I’ll try that!

    Momo (Reply)
  • I read a tip from someone: use a liquid eyeliner brush, instead. I have been trying to find a place to buy liquid eyeliner brushes, no luck so far. Maybe they meant take an existing one and clean it?

    Trader Girl (Reply)
  • My eye color changed after I used the product, as directed, for only five days. This product also causes hirtuism ( excessive growth of hair on the body) which leads me to believe it may mess with hormone levels. Also, they say that iris pigmentation may not be noticeable for months or years after using this product so the damage may be done before you notice it. Please don’t use this stuff. It is really scary and foolish. Take it from a casualty!

    Kellly (Reply)
  • I got my latisse from I called them and talked to their physician and they explained everything in depth to me regarding eye color changes. I’m not really concerned about it anymore. Latisse and Lumigan are the same but totally different. You’re not putting the formula directly into the eye if you’re appying it correctly.

    Jennifer Charger (Reply)
  • Ha Jennifer. Maybe you will eat your words when your eye color starts to change. Of course I didn’t put it in my eye. As directed means “as directed”. They say it can take up to six months to start to see darkening so maybe you should settle down before trying to insult someone’s intelligence. The product hasn’t been out for that long. I’m sure that their physician only advocated use because that would make them more money honey.

    Kellly (Reply)
  • Kellly, I have seen your posts about Latisse on other sites, and I’m sorry for your experience.

    I do want to clarify that Latisse HAS been on the market since February, so it has been a year now. I have a prescription, and have used it a few times, but having green eyes myself, am very nervous about it. I will stop using it until it has been on the market longer, to see more stories.

    By the way, I HIGHLY urge you to write to the company AND the FDA to complain about your experience. When it is properly documented that way, you may save others…

    Trader Girl (Reply)
  • So far, so great. Love my latisse! And no pigment change yet, I’ve been using my Latisse for almost over a year now and nooooooo changes in my eyecolor! WHEW!

    Jennifer Charger (Reply)
  • I love the results, put find myself worrying a great deal
    about the possibility of losing my green eye color. I
    think of the phen-fen diet pill debacle years ago when
    thousands of women were assured the combination was safe,
    only to suffer heart valve damage. The most important thing
    is for anyone who has truly suffered a change in eye color,
    CALL THE FDA, and then call the news stations as they would
    jump on such a story. Kelly, have you reported to the FDA? If so, what were the results and why do we continue to read
    that there have been no reported cses? Believe me, the FDA would swoop down on Allergan in a heartbeat if they had
    even one provable case.

    Mary Ann (Reply)
  • Hello everyone

    I have onky heard about this product today through a conversation with a beauty therapist, she informed me that her sister uses it. However, I live in the UK and cant seem to find a site to order it from.

    Im caribbean and have dark brown eyes so don’t think the eye colour would be noticable on me, however it is worrying but at the same time Im intrigued to find out more on this product.

    Keep me posted :)

    Sally Ann (Reply)
  • Hi.. this post have been years ago. So what happened to your lashes now after years of using latisse? Thanks in advance for your share! I am collecting stories from people who actually tried the product. :)

  • I use Fysiko Eyelash Serum for thicker and longer lashes. mine got huge- thick and long – within 4 weeks. I can see huge difference. It has oils and vitamins, but not too oily

    Milla (Reply)
  • I did use Latisse before, it was expensive and I had to go to get prescription once every two months. Now I use Fysiko Serum. It feels better than Latisse and it is a little cheaper

    Ellen Curt (Reply)
  • hi guys, just following up to see if anyone is still using latisse and if you’re still liking it.

  • I tried LATISSE with great success – it made my eyelashes longer and fuller BUT 1. you need to see doctore every months and a half – as the container has only 1.5 month supply. 2. it costs $120.00 – so for me it was $1,080.00 a year – not cool. I am now using FYSIKO eyelash serum. It works just like LATISSE, but natural and costs $140.00 per tube, my tube lasts 6.5 months, I use it on brows and eyelashes – so my cost a year – $280.00 or less, because after first 4 months you use 3 times a week, not every day. PS I have blue eyes, did not have side effects from any of these two producrts, but LATISSE did give me few very small brown spots on the eyelid. nothing dramatic though

    brandys mantoya (Reply)
  • I have been using Latisse for over 4 months with great results. I have blue eyes with no color change. As stated, the pigment changes were documented when *Lumigen (Latisse) was used as an eye drop (directly in the eye) to treat glaucoma. Even then, there are <1% of documented cases of changes in iris color.

    Patricia (Reply)

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