Teen Corner: Easy Hot Weather Hairstyle

I forgot to mention in this video that before I scrunched my hair into a low bun I used some Sunsilk Captivating Curls De-Frizz Leave-in Creme. This way, if we go out to the movies or dinner tonight, I can let my hair down and have instant beachy waves!


xoxo, bailey :]

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  • awe that looks like such a cute summer hairstyle
    and perfect for my upcoming exams! can you please make the video public instead of private? im not able to watch it! thanks!

  • Oops! Thanks Jessica, we fixed it :)

  • Beautiful! I wish my hair would look that good in a bun- perfect for summer!

  • yay thanks !

  • very pretty! I love those earrings!!!!

  • Hey Teen Corner! This would be a great post for our Beauty Street blog. Tell your mom to post the pic!

  • Bailey, you hair is super cute. I have a quick question. Where did you get the earrings and bracelets? I must have them for summer.

  • Hi julia! My mom always says great things about you LOL..
    i wear those bracelets everyday. and everytime i find a new cute one, i just add it on. so i can’t really remember where i got them all!
    aaaand my earings, i think i got them at aldo. but forever 21 has supppper cute jewelry!

    xoxo, bailey!

  • Thank B, you are a doll.


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