Summer Travel: Makeup Bag Ideas (and CONTEST!)


Keeping organized while on the go is easy with these super cute makeup bags. From storing nail essentials to special occasion makeup to travel-size haircare products, I couldn’t live without the cosmetic bags I use for organizing my “stuff.”

Here are a few cute ones that recently caught my eye and would be perfect for summer travel:

  1. Stephanie Johnson Gidget Compact Brush Case: I have several Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bags and I love them all. However, I do find that the brush cases are the most handy. I can keep my essential brushes and favorite everyday makeup all in one compact, pretty case.
  2. Dior Patent Leather Cosmetics Pouch: I doubt that I would ever spend $220 on a teeny little makeup bag, but that doesn’t stop me from loving the sleek design and bright white leather of this Dior Leather Cosmetics Pouch.
  3. Sonia Kashuk Tribal Sonia Weekender: There are currently THREE Sonia Kashuk makeup bags (in different prints, and stuffed full to the brim with makeup) in my bathroom cabinet. I love how they’re huge, and zip way open to easily see the contents. You can easily find a print to suit your style and your budget!
  4. Contents Metallic Dot Weekender: Much like the Sonia Kashuk weekender bags, this Contents Metallic Dot Weekender seems extra roomy and has an adorable print. It’s also available at Target, too!
  5. Stephanie Johnson Jumbo Zip Case: This clear plastic zip case is perfect for the sunscreens and lip balms I take with me to the beach. No need to fish around my huge beach bag trying to find a Chapstick! And aren’t the seahorses so cute?
  6. Kate Spade Bloomington Large Colin: Kate Spade can do no wrong in my eyes. This daisy print train case has a removable interior bag that’s perfect for tossing into your handbag with on-the-go essentials. Also? It’s on sale!

Because I’m a Makeup Bag junkie, I’m dying to know what your makeup bag looks like (and what’s in it!).

Send me a picture of your Makeup Bag and its contents and you’ll be entered into the Summer Travel Makeup Bag Contest.

This feature will run through the month of July and participating readers will have an opportunity to win $350 worth of summer beauty products.

Please send photos, along with your name and details on the contents of your makeup bag, to beautyeditor {at} makeupbag {dot} net, with the subject line: Summer Travel Makeup Bag Contest. This contest is open to all readers, regardless of location.

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  • I love Stephanie Johnson’s bags as well! I think she’s continuously releasing new designs, I haven’t seen the Gidget Compact brush case before, I’ll check it out :) The Kate Spade bag is so adorable too.

  • SO FUN!! I can’t wait to play. I have FOUR makeup bags in my bathroom to keep everything organized. Will definitely be taking some photos this week. :-)

  • Time to get my stuff organized so they can look camera-ready!

    Nina (Reply)
  • Fun:) I’m so in – I will take a beauty shot of my bag and send it your way!

  • Oh Im going to have to enter. I collect makeup bags! I love them! :-)

  • I will send mine to you. I have quite a few in my collection.

  • I have email you :)

  • I wish I had entered… my bag is HUGE. I’m an MUA. :)

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • I’ve been on-line all evening (since 6:00)looking for a cosmetic travel bag with my specifications. It’s 11:00 p.m. and the closest I’ve come to EXACTLY what I’m looking for is actually named after none other than ME!! Imagine my surprise! Nothing is ever named after me, not to mention 99% to my specifications! The Tribeca Darlene Deluxe Brush Case has all I want in a bag except the orange lining (why didn’t you stick with the Tiffany Blue like the piping?) and soft sides (which I really can live with)! I have this on my wish list, now. The Tribeca Martha Ultimate brief case is a close second, but lacks the brush holders and elastic pencil or lipstick holders.

    Darlene Berry (Reply)

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