St. Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs


I love everything about self-tanners except for the lingering “aroma” many leave behind, so I was elated to hear that this new St. Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs self-tanner boasts a special technology that reduces the odor by at least 70% percent! I’m dying to get my hands (and legs!) on this new addition to St. Tropez’s extensive self-tanning range.

Tell me, do you have any tricks to rid yourself of the telltale tanner smell?

Available from St. Tropez for $45.

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  • Ok so I’ve tried St Tropez and will agree that the smell is almost gone, but Beautisol’s Summer Glow tanner is the absolute best!! Not only is the smell even fainter, but there is no orange tint! And it’s cheaper!

    Sherie (Reply)

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