Nail Flavor of the Week: Zoya Paz


Today Bailey painted her nails Zoya Paz, a bright neon orange polish that looks very similar to the color I saw in the sky this morning when the sun rose over Lihue, Kauai:


Paz is part of the Zoya La-Di-Da Summer 2009 Collection currently available online at

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  • i think i won a giveaway or something like a hundred years ago and e-mailed you my address. is anything happening with that?

    no big deal, i literally JUST remembered.

    jenni (Reply)
  • I soooo love this color. I seriously think it is my favorite color of the season. It looks beautiful on you!

  • OMG Jenni, that’s terrible…. Let me check on it!

  • Ok, seriously – what do you & your girls use for such perfectly smooth cuticles?! they are all hydrated & lovely, unlike mine… Maybe I’m just too lazy to put in the work?

  • Mikaela, We use Solar Oil! Every day and night :)

    Bailey has a Sephora cuticle pen that she keeps in her purse because she has a thing about her nails (I think the kid does 3 polish changes a week!) but we also use Solar Oil every morning and night. It makes a huge difference in my cuticles and also keeps my nails from becoming too brittle…

  • Well I’ve been a Solar oil fan for years, and have an Essie oil pen, and other creative nail design cuticle stuff, and… I guess I AM just too lazy!
    Access to so much stuff, the hard part is actually using it religiously. Unlike skin care, which is top priority, nail care is too far down on the list… better get to it! 😉

  • Really memorable and unforgettable moments are captured in this blog.

  • Glorious color. I love it.

    Jaime (Reply)

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