Nail Flavor of the Week: Essie Perky Purple


This weekend I chose Essie Perky Purple, from the Essie Neon Collection, for my manicure.

I should have painted three coats instead of two, as it looks kind of sheer in these photos, but I was anxious to get a top coat on to bring back the shine. This color (like most neons) has a dull finish without a top coat.

Even though I’ve only been to the grocery store since painting my nails, I’ve already received two compliments on this bright, fun purple shade.

Also, check out my latest Kauai find:


This is a real sea shell that’s been drilled into a ring. I got it at a local surf shop for $9.99. It’s super bulky and kind of uncomfortable, but I love it still.

What’s on your nails this week?

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  • love the color :)

  • Great color! I just removed the Calvin Klein “barefoot” I was wearing on my fingernails and I will leave them bare a couple weeks (I’m having some splitting probs). I have Borghese something-or-other, a nice peachy color, on my toes. I’m getting up the nerve to wear the Zoya dark green color I recently got!

    Carla (Reply)
  • I love it – reminds me of Pompeii Purple from OPI, but prettier!

    Monica (Reply)
  • I tried bags to riches by Essie …
    unfortunately the color isn’t very complimenting….
    Maybe it’ll look better on you? I don’t know but it’s a nude.

    Bomi (Reply)
  • I wore the Flirty Fuschia shade from this collection for awhile. Neons get so much attention.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • I love pompei purple from OPI and this looks close… I will be on the look out for it.

    Auntie (Reply)
  • I think we’re nail twins . omg ! ill send a pic to you so you can see !

    Sandy (Reply)
  • I thought this color would be more purple and less pink. I’m so glad that you posted this now I know it’s not the color I was expecting.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Great color! I just bought it and have it on my toes (I’m a strictly clear on my hands kinda girl). It’s fabulous and does a great job minimizing the redness in my skin. (Yes, I mean the skin on my feet. I actually think about this stuff!)

  • This color looks pinker in pictures. But it more dark purple on real life. I’ve been wearing for a few days now.

    asha (Reply)

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