Makeup Bag Featured in ICN

The latest issue of ICN (International Cosmetic News) features yours truly and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m not even sure if this magazine is available in the US (the issue that was sent to me came from Paris, France) or who even reads it, but it’s exciting nonetheless.


Thank you to writer Sophie Douez for including Makeup Bag in this story!

icnstory story

Click image for larger view.

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  • You look beautiful in the picture Erika.

    Not surprised !! Us London beauty fanatics read makeupbag all the time too :)

    Anna (Reply)
  • Hi Erika!
    You also have a reader from Portugal! :)

    Mariana (Reply)
  • Hi Anna and Mariana! Thanks so much for your comments. I’m so excited to have readers from London and Portugal! (Mariana, my husband is 1/2 Portuguese!)

    I truly appreciate your support of Makeup Bag! All the best to you, Erika

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