Kauai Update: A little volleyball and a lot of sun


Right down the street from my husband’s “bachelor pad” is Kalapaki Beach, a stretch of sand that fronts the Kauai Marriott.

Nearly every evening this week, the girls have gone down to play volleyball on the permanent beach volleyball courts set up there.




The girls are making fun of me and my huge hat, sun umbrella and SPF 50 even at 7:00 p.m. but I’m not risking getting a sun burn. These crazy girls, on the other hand, rock their Hawaiian Tropic SPF8 (what’s even the purpose?!) despite their mother’s warnings:



We’ll see who has the most wrinkles when the summer is over. Haha!

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  • i know, i know that suntanning is awful and dangerous, but come on how can you not be jealous of their beautiful tan :)

    i SO want to look like that! but NY weather is terrible right now :(

  • Pau, you’re right! They do look gorgeously tan!

  • I love that you posted this! When I saw the twitpic with the tan lines I got a little twitchy in all my pastey (and proud!) glory and had to restrain myself from emailing you to ask why on earth those girls don’t listen to their mother!?!

    My mom’s younger sister used to tan A LOT and now everyone thinks my mom is the younger of the two. Not that teens will ever listen to these things. I rock the SPF 70 regardless of time and activity. Just in case (being the redhead and all…).

  • Shame on them! Listen to your mom – You will regret it in the future…
    P.S. Just got my super cute new SPF 50 hats this week, love!

  • Where’s your husband? A couple photo would be cute.

    Rebecca (Reply)

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