Heidi Klum In an Instant Skincare System


Testing skin care products has to be the most difficult, yet most rewarding, part of this job. With so many new products on the market, it’s very difficult to keep up with testing everything.


For the Heidi Klum In an Instant Skincare System, I asked Makeup Bag intern Monica to help me with a review and here is what she had to say:

“I was a bit skeptical about these products, but a few deserve super high marks! The Gentle Foaming Cleanser was, in my opinion, the standout winner! The foam was extremely concentrated, so the small container is deceiving. Just a small dollop removed ALL of my makeup (a rarity for foams) and rinsed totally clean without any tightness. The Instant Warming Scrub was another great option – on contact, it created a slightly warm sensation that quickly disappeared. The scrub itself was pleasantly grainy but not particularly scratchy or abrasive. The Daily Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15 was extremely intriguing, as its light gray color freaked me out a bit; magically, it completely disappeared into my skin – coverage may have been minimal, but my skin was adequately moisturized and slightly more even. However, when it came to the Intensive Firming Serum and Instant Wrinkle Smoother, I found myself a bit underwhelmed. In fairness, I don’t have many fine lines and wrinkles I’m trying to combat, but both of these products seemed to be relatively standard silicone serums, the Instant Wrinkle Smoother being the thicker of the two. No breakouts, but no results to speak of either. All things considered, I’d give this line 3/5 stars for three excellent products.”

Heidi Klum In an Instant Skincare System is available online at InanInstant.com for $39.95.

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  • Thanks for this post! I saw the infomercial a few days ago and was wondering what people really thought :)

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