Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara


Bobbi Brown introduced Perfectly Defined Mascara earlier this year and so far it’s received rave reviews. With an all-day wear formula that resists flaking and a unique multi-comb brush that grabs even the tiniest hairs, this mascara has quickly become a staple in makeup bags everywhere.

Makeup Bag intern Monica gave this new mascara a whirl and here’s what she says:

Right away, I knew Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara was special. Why, might you ask? Well for starters, its brush. It’s smaller than most, which is extra helpful when you need to make every single lash count. The teeny-tiny brush allowed me to maneuver around my eye area and pump up each individual lash, which is key when you have so few! The formula wore all day with nary a flake in sight. Interestingly enough, my trusty Neutrogena eye makeup remover couldn’t remove this mascara, but removing it with a bit of hot water and a washcloth did the trick.


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Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara is available online at for $22.

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  • If mascara does not budge easily when you are attempting to remove it, try something with oil content, such as an eye-makeup remover or even oil itself. This is particularly helpful in removing waterproof, smudgeproof & flake-resistant mascaras.

  • Great mascara but almost impossible to remove. Bought several oil-based removers – none work satisfactorily. Tried warm water – not great. If anyone has a really good tip, I should be pleased to hear it. Thanks

  • I just got this mascara and love it so far!It does exactly what the above picture says and stays till I take it off at night. I have had no trouble getting it to come off. I wash with MD Forte replenish hydrating cleanser and it comes right off. I hope this helps.


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