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This is my first trip back to Kauai since I lost my dad in January 2008.

Until now, I haven’t found the strength to be here on his island without him here. Since arriving on Sunday, I haven’t had a thought or dream in my head that wasn’t of my dad. However, as the sun rises each morning and I’m surrounded by the incredible beauty that is Kauai, I’m reminded of the very reason my dad chose to spend his life here:






There is beauty in life.

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  • Wow, really beautiful!

  • That is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these photos! I think we all need to get away from the concrete jungle from time-to-time:)

    I started reading your blog around the time your father passed away and my heart went out to you when reading those posts. I hope you are having an amazing trip with your beautiful family.

  • thanks for sharing this with us Erika. Truly beautiful.

    Laurie (Reply)
  • Beautiful! Ya brought a tear to my eye!

  • Awww girl…..thanks for sharing that! Beautiful photos…

  • Hey Erika, SO happy for you that you can see the beauty of life again. It’s hard to lose your daddy, just know he’ll always be with you. Last night I was dogsitting my family’s yorkie, and I got really sad, remembering how my dad used to love the dogs and always pet them. I started crying and then my dog sat up on his hind legs and stuck his tongue out at me. I started laughing! I know my dad will always be SOMEWHERE watching over me. I hope you know the same is true for yours. XOXO, Kyle

  • Hi Erika! Thanks for sharing this. I think of you and your dad sometimes when I’m feeling a little down about my mom. :)

  • Erika, hope you are doing well there! Take in that beauty (along with the beauty of your three girls that are there with you). It is always hard when it’s someone so close, but feel him while you are there and keep it in your heart!!

    Carrie K (Reply)
  • What a beautiful place and a beautiful way to remember your father too.

    Sarita (Reply)
  • There definitely is beauty in life, my friend. I am glad to hear you are starting to appreciate it again. Enjoy the paradise!

  • I just lost my dad this January and I know how slow of a process it is to heal. Thank you for sharing from your heart, it helps us that are still newly grieving.


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