ZOYA Matte Velvet Collection


You’re dying, aren’t you?

These new Matte Velvet nail polishes from ZOYA are the best thing that’s happened to me today. Seriously. I can’t take it, they’re so gorgeous!

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  • Yep~Im dying! Oh My Gosh…absolutely gorgeous and seriously, when I am done catching up here, I am going to find them and of course BUY some :) oh goodie, I cant wait! I so love it here! The make up bag post had me giggling like a school girl. What fun it would be to snoop in Daneen’s personal stash she must have at home. I still cant get over the fact that it was her idea of lite packing~Lordy! Must go find the nail polish.

    Yvonne (Reply)
  • I love matte polishes, they don’t nearly get the love and admiration they should. I remember years ago, someone came out with a matte top coat.. I was so sad when I finally used up the last of it.

  • That is completely fabulous. I can’t wait to see these in person.

    Jaime (Reply)

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