What’s In Your Makeup Bag: Summer Edition

I love to sneak peeks into other people’s Makeup Bags and see what’s what. Some of my friends are minimalists—just a mascara, sunscreen and carmex—and yet others are, well, DANEEN.

Take a look at this gigantuan Makeup Bag of my hilarious friend Daneen from Spoiled Pretty:



These photos are from February when Daneen and I hung out during Fashion Week along with GLAMber and Julia, who we conferenced in via telephone because she HAD TO WORK and couldn’t make it to New York. (I’m not even kidding when I say that we hung out in the hotel room for hours with Julia’s voice projecting from my cell phone as if she were Charlie.)

A beauty maximalist like Daneen does not go to New York Fashion Week without an arsenal of beauty products with which to make us all jealous. (I should also mention here that this is Daneen’s version of ‘packing light’):


And because I’m so nosy when it comes to Makeup Bags, I asked my Twitter and Facebook friends what their must-have summer Makeup Bag items are and here’s what they said:

@bubblegarm fix+! (Editor’s note: As in MAC Fix+, a cult-fave aqua-spritz that adds radiance and finishes makeup)

@makeovermomma Mineral foundation (love it year round) and non-oily facial sunscreen…. lots and lots of sunscreen!

@ASamantha MAC Fix+ (makes the summer bearable for your skin!) Prr lipglass, a #183 buffer brush, & Nars Orgasm blush

@pinkchickblend Shimmer eyeshadow…DEFINATELY the sun brings it out more!

@kickingcouture Mac’s moon river blush, l’oreal eyeliner and mac’s angel lipstick! i cant seem to get onto ur website? it says the server is down (Editor’s note: You have NO IDEA! Makeup Bag was down for most of the weekend and then some. I finally revived her yesterday!)

@spoiledpretty Fresh Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum. Perfect summer scent.

@thebeautygirl Murad Waterproof Sunblock. i wear this year round– it keeps my skin protected, looking healthy & doesn’t have a sunscreen smell

@misswhoeveryouare Lancome Juicy Tube lipgloss! I don’t go anywhere without it. I love Pretty by Elizabth Arden for this summer, too!

@newlyweddedwife Hello Flawless and Prescriptives Exhilarating gloss in guava!

@BDrysdale Maybelline (I think) mineral powder makep. It’s low-maintenance and gives great coverage.

Felicia Walker Benson Blemish concealer :( and SPF 30 before heading out!

Kim Justice Shiseido Pureness Matifying Stick

Sarah Semone MAC’s Flammable Paint. Its my blush and lippie. I’ve yet to find the perfect SPF, though. :(

Saniya Irshad Stila Cherry Crush and Pomegranate Crush. I am so freakin excited for Mango Crush! =)

Brittany Stapleton Paxton Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipglosses in Kirk and Doug, Clinique City Block SPF 25, and a French mani/pedi.

Shenaz Abumd my must have wud be facial tissues..to wipe off that extra sweat.well I’m from INDIA and right now the temperature here is almost 101F.phew!

Tell me what your most favorite beauty item of the summer is!

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  • OMG DANEEN! iDie looking at this. Now that’s what I call some thorough packing!

    And I think I may have found the perfect SPF – Aveeno has a spray sunscreen that’s anti-aging. Right up my alley! 😀

  • my BE mineral foundation because it has SPF in it! also, my MAC solar riche bronzer…gotta have that glow!

    Meghan (Reply)
  • Nars The Multiple Stick – South Beach. The perfect accent to sun kissed skin.

  • OMG…what is wrong with me? If A&E started an Intervention show with beauty addicts, I’d be their first subject. I’m sure of it.

  • Oh same is the case with me as u have shown a bag in image. when it comes to select which makeup item to keep in bag then i get confused coz I love all of my makeup items. I keep 3-4 lipstick colors which I commonly use and and blushers and eyeliners etc.

  • Is this in your handbag? Mine always has various brushes, brown & black e/l, beige & pink l/g, Laura Mercier First Blush palette, Jane bronzer, MAC Solar Riche bronzer and Rimmel bronzer! I need plenty of cool and warm choices.

  • Daneen’s shoulder must be killing her…. I totally understand the addiction tho, when I go somewhere it’s hard to part with any of my makeup too!

  • I would have so much fun with Daneen’s makeup bag. I’m the same way hun so don’t worry! I’m dying to know better what everything actually is!

    Jaime (Reply)
  • SO love that makeup bag!! What is the brand and where is it from? Also just an idea but could you start listing where to get different cute accessories such as really cute unique makeup bags?(just like the one above)
    Thanks so much!!!

    Jackie (Reply)
  • Wow Thts kwll Makeupp I Love Makeup I Wear It evryday x

    deanna (Reply)

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