Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian’s Lips


Every beauty girl I know is at least slightly obsessed with the perfection that is Kim Kardashian’s makeup.

Flawless skin? Check. Mile-long lashes? Check. Smoky eyes, just-pinched cheeks, glossy lips? Check, check, check. Let’s face it: the girl is a rare species, but she sure knows how to work the lipstick trends.

While Kim’s signature look is a nude or pink lip, she looks quite amazing with bold berry or bright red lips. I have to admit my favorite look here is the MAC Ruffian Red lipstick Kim’s wearing in the top right photo. Gorgeous!

For lips like Kim Kardashian, try these tips:

  • Pick an opaque shade that’s not too sparkly. (Kim usually has a smoky eye situation that refuses to be upstaged by some sparkly lipgloss!)
  • Line and fill in lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick for lips that will last all night long.
  • Top with a hint of gloss just on the bottom lip to add fullness.

What’s your favorite Kim Kardashian lip– nude, pink, berry or red?

Kim’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic just started his own blog where he details all the makeup looks he creates for Kim Kardashian. Check it!

photos: wire image

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  • wow! i’ve never seen kim in red lips. i think i prefer her classic nude lip.

  • I’m now dying to know what that lip on the bottom left is!

    Joan (Reply)
  • i also like her nude lip look better since she always piles on eye makeup, and it is best to do plain lips then

    anna (Reply)
  • I really love Kim with a nude or pink lip but I have to say I’m digging the berry as well. Perhaps if the photo with her wearing red lips were not so bright it would look better but I can’t say I’m enjoying it from what I can see.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • I think peachy-nude lips suit her olive-tan skintone the most. The red lips only look good cos of the flash (which made her paler) and compliments her black her, but from what I’ve seen so far, Kim is very tan in actuality. So yea, I go with the majority on the nude lips.

  • as much as i love the kardashians, i feel like every time i see kim she is wearing wayyyy too much makeup.

    jenni (Reply)
  • everytime i see her i just want to go over his foundation with a damp sponge!! OMG!
    but dude! i REALLY want to know what she uses as her nude lip. my skin tone is about the same as hers.

  • She uses Belle de jour by NARS for a matte nude lip with MAC striptease liner ( i believe thats what its called). For a glossy nude lip the lipstick is MAC angel.

  • I love the lucite storage drawers used to keep makeup organized that are shown every once in a while shooting in the bathrooms of the Kardashians.Please tell me where I can buy them. Thankyou! I think that I am obsessed.


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