Is Fergie Losing Her Hair?


Ever since Fergie dyed her hair earlier this year, I can’t help but notice how prominent her part has become.

Could Fergie be losing her hair?


Even though the performer is only 34 years old, she could be suffering from female pattern hair loss. According to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) females make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers.


Hopefully it’s just stress, one of the several causes of female hair loss, and she’ll be back to her old self soon! Or maybe her new darker color is just making it appear that her hair is falling out.

Do you think Fergie is losing her hair?

photos: wire image

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  • WOW, I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time and I never thought you would stoop so low do put something so catty and vicious on your site. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if someone decided to rip you to pieces publicly, not impressed at all.

    Ruth (Reply)
  • On ENews they said her natural colour is blond and the roots are coming through the dark.

    It could be extensions the wreck your hair too.

    Donna (Reply)
  • Ruth, I don’t think Makeupbag were posting this article to be catty or vicious in any way. Perhaps it was an interesting observation that the ladies decided to make and genuinely wanted to feedback from their readers?

    Katie (Reply)
  • In the last picture it does look like her roots are starting to show a bit. She also has long extensions (which are heavy) and wears tight ponytails, which can cause temporary hair loss.

  • I think it’s just an illusion due to to her blonde roots.

    Gretchen (Reply)
  • I think it’s a great observation and I was wondering what it was myself…I think she just has thin hair and maybe shows up more b/c it’s dark?

    Maria C (Reply)
  • It’s probably from extensions. Those things are terrible for your hair.

    Lesss (Reply)
  • I agree with Lesss. Extensions kill your hair and the darker shade makes her scalp more prominent as well. The stick straight look doesn’t help either.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • I can’t really tell … but I think it might just be the dark dye that’s making her part seem so part-y. haha. My major concern with that first picture is Taylor Momsen’s makeup. What’s with it?! She looks like a racoon. :(

  • I think your just being stupid, her hair is darker now so obviously you are going to notice her part more. Its the lightest place on her head! You should stop trying to stir up shit.

  • I think it is freaking rude even if it was not meant to be that way. If she was actually going through female pattern hair loss then you even asking that ? and posting it here is terrible. How would any of YOU women feel if you lost your hair and someone decided to post a blog about you with pics and ask, “so doesn’t she look like she is losing her hair?? what do you guys think??”. Hair loss for a woman is so terrible and really depressing; even if you did not mean to be horrid and heartless you are for this post….

    kristin (Reply)
  • I am a woman that suffers from hair loss and you should not post such a catty article if you really wanted to do something you could of researched the causes of hair loss in women its not as stright forward as men. it can be a various things that cause it I can’t say for sure if Fergie is suffering for hair loss but whatever is going on I assure you that no woman would like attention drawn to it.

  • Fergie’s hair is definitely thinning – I am unfortunately an expert at noticing female hair loss since I’ve been dealing with it for 10 years. I’m just surprised she hasn’t done something to cover up her hair – I guess it doesn’t bother her.


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