Daily Style: Klean Kanteen


As the weather heats up, I am making a concerted effort to drink more water and less Diet Coke. In an effort to go green and hydrate, I’m hopping on the water bottle bandwagon and ordering a stainless steel Klean Kanteen. The Kanteens boast an opening wide enough to accommodate ice cubes (because really, who wants to drink tepid water?) and are offered in a slew of colors and sizes ranging from 12 to 40 oz.

Prices start at $14.95 at Klean Kanteen.

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  • Your Klean Kanteen, though awesome, will have two issues:

    1) Sweats. like. a. mofo. Truly epic condensation. If you have a cute bottle, you’ll have to choose between getting a cover that will soak up some of the condensation, or seeing the design and resigning yourself to finding the world’s most absorbent coaster.

    2) Tall and thin, with small base = easy to tip over. If you don’t get the sport cap, don’t let Janey near the Kanteen! :)

    Even with these issues, I love my KK (despite the ridic spelling), and it will have to be pried from my hands when I kick.

    Congratulations, though, on a great green choice — disposable plastic water bottles are a scourge, and totally avoidable.

    Shana (Reply)
  • Thanks so much for the feedback, Shana!

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