Bailey’s Giveaway, That Didn’t Get Given Away


It’s a good thing I have my sister’s back because I was looking through her videos and realized she was offering a giveaway with her Earth Day video and FORGOT TO GIVE AWAY THE GIVEAWAY!

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to pick a name and give them something fabulous from my Mom’s beauty closet.

And… the winner is: JAYLYN

Congratulations! My mom will send you an email :]]

Now, for fun, check out Bailey’s latest Face of the Day. She was to embarrased to post this herself because she thinks it looks bad, but I like it. Her eyeshadow kinda matches the paint in her bedroom! (Also, can you tell she’s spent the last two weekends at the beach?!)


What do you think of Bailey’s makeup? Tell me!


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  • I think it’s gorgeous!

    Holly (Reply)
  • thanks holly! she did a good job, I think!

  • i love it <3
    i love turquoise/aqua eyeshadows and pigments… it looks especially nice with Bailey’s tanned skin. very beach bum.

    Hojo (Reply)
  • I think it’s so pretty, especially for summer.
    By the way, what do you call the color of the wall?

    Jewell (Reply)
  • Oh yay me! I think Bailey looks super cute, but I never got an email =(

    Jaylyn (Reply)

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