American Idol Upset


Kris Allen may be the new American Idol but Adam Lambert clearly has better makeup and nail polish!

A record-breaking 100 million people voted this season. Congrats to Kris Allen, but I can’t help but be slightly disappointed. My pick is an amazing performer (plus, he rocks the black eyeliner like nobody’s business)!

What did you think of last night’s American Idol finale?

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  • Well, I’m not surprised. I’d been calling it for a while, even though I thought top 2 would be Danny and ADAM and Danny would win. I’m still Team ADAM, though! “Real men wear eyeliner!”

  • Adam deserves to win… people mention reasons like conservative background of Kris this and that, the church that he is straight and married… this is where we miss the point, the vote is to show our clear decision as to who is the better singer and Adam is the clear better singer…that’s why people make a lot of bad decisions in life because they cannot see what is obvious but is always influenced by a lot of subjective stuff. Adam, you deserved to win and I will be watching you rise to fame.

    Ludwig (Reply)
  • So true, Toya!

    And yes, Ludwig. We’ll all be watching and cheering when our boy Adam rises to fame!

  • I never watch this show. What are those things over his nipples in this pic? Pasties?

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Yes the show should be about who is the better singer, but its not. People bring their prejudices into every aspect of their lives and American Idol is no different. The US has a huge conservative base mainly in the Midwest. Faced with a clean cut, down home singer and a singer who wears eyeliner and black nail polish, I’m not surprised the clean cut won. I’m not saying its right, I’m saying what is. People can’t and won’t separate their beliefs and perceptions when voting for the next American Idol and its naive to think they will. Personally I thought Adam was the better performer. He had more energy on stage than Kris. But I thought they were both awesome singers–just different. Adam will go far. I’m sure he’s probably already looking over record contracts. And I believe he’ll last longer in the industry than Kris.

    Sherie (Reply)
  • I love these shows but quite often hate the final outcomes that they produce. On pure talent I agree that Adam was the better performer and yes he should go far.


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