Teen Corner: Prescriptives Motor-Eyes Mascara

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  • Nice review. I’m a little wary of those vibrating mascaras though, they seem to be more hype than they really are.

    I have two favourite mascaras; Lancome Hypnose and Max Factor’s 2000 Calorie. Both make my lashes look like fakes! I find Max Factor hard to find around my area though.

    Have a good weekend!

    Tiffany (Reply)
  • I’m torn between Too Faced Lash Injection and Givenchy Eye Fly.

    PS-My hairstyle today was inspired by yours in this video, so thanks lol.

    Marissa (Reply)
  • Looks awesome, i wonder if it will come over to england! Im loving maybelline collosal but its very flaky!which sucks.

  • I feel like vibrating mascara wands have more hype then they deserve, maybe not, but I’m a little wary! I guess the idea of sticking a motorized brush covered in black product in my eye is kind of a turn off. Maybe I’ll get brave and try it!
    In the meantime I am very happy using my Diorshow Blackout mascara!


    Mollie (Reply)
  • what lipgloss and blush are you using in the video?

    Cinthia (Reply)
  • I’m always loving DiorShow, but lately, I love Mabybeline Collosal volume…haven’t had a problem with flakes.

    linn (Reply)

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