Teen Corner: Bailey’s Earth Day Tips for Going Green

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  • Hi Bailey! Great video. My best Earth Day tip is related to make up. Check to see if your favorite company has a recycling program. MAC and Origins have programs where if you return a certain number of their empty tubes/containers you receive a free product or sample.

    Marissa (Reply)
  • Hey Bailey!!! I am 15 years old and I LOVE Teen Corner. I have several tips that I’ve tried to use lately in order to help the environment. Since I LOVE makeup, and I wanted to help the environment, I recently thought I would combine the two and purchase makeup that was eco-friendly. So, I’ve been purchasing a lot of things from Cargo’s Plantlove Line from Sephora. I especially love their Lipstick in Lindsay (designed by Lindsay Lohan!) because it comes with seeds that you can plant to grow pretty wildflowers. I’ve planted mine, and its taking FOREVER to grow, but thats another story. I also recommend MAC’s Back To Mac program, which lets you take in 6 empty MAC containers to get a free lipstick at a MAC Counter or a free lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow at a MAC store. I love this one, because I buy WAY too much MAC, so I get use for all the containers I have lying around. Free stuff is always good. hahah. I also buy a lot of organic non-processed foods. I HATE vegetables and tofu and other healthy things like that, but surprisingly some of that organic food is pretty good. And I LOVE organic cotton t-shirts, they are so frickin soft!!!! Hahaha. Okay, I think I’ll end this comment before it ends up taking up the whole page.


    Sindy (Reply)
  • Hey Bailey! Great tips in your video by the way. Like the first two comments, a great way to recycle is through the programs at MAC and Origins. You get new products while saving the environment at the same time! Also you can reuse old makeup bags instead of buying new ones and buy multi-functional makeup (like something that you can use on your cheeks, lips AND eyes) so it saves on packaging and less is wasted since it is one product instead of three separate ones. You can also (unfortunately) walk when hanging out with your friends instead of driving everywhere. This way, you can reduce your carbon imprint AND get a workout at the same time!

    Winnie (Reply)
  • Hi Bailey! I’m super excited to see Teen Corner being updated again.I know I’m a little late for earth day, but its never too late to go green right?’ One of my favorite tips is to use regular razors with replacement blades instead of disposables.It cuts down on waste and keeps your legs soft and smooth!

    Some other tips are to make sure you do full loads of laundry instead of just washing your favorite shirt so you can wear it tomorrow *cough cough like me* I’m working on it.

    You can recycle your electronics like cell phones too.

    And of course there’s always super cute eco friendly beauty products and the totes to carry groceries instead of using paper bags.

    Jaylyn (Reply)
  • hola bailey and makeup bag readers!

    my go green tip is reading your newspaper and magazine subscriptions online. switch to electronic banking and credit card payments, less paper mail!

    also, don’t forget to ride your bike, walk or jog..its free exercise without joining the gym!

    xo peach

    peach (Reply)

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