Susan Boyle Gets a Makeover (sort of)


I’m a tad late in posting this story about Susan Boyle’s virtual makeover but it got me thinking: Would the world have been as impressed with Susan Boyle had she done this makeover before her Britain’s Got Talent performance?

Would we have perceived her differently?

Personally, I like the sleek, brunette bob on Susan, but maybe she’s happy with her current look. If her stage presence says anything about her self confidence, I think she is.

Tell me what you think!


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  • I think Susan should do whatever makes her happy! If she likes her current style, that’s great & she should keep the way she looks, and viceversa! No matter what she looks like she is very talented! I think she should do some sort of makeover, just for her sake down the road, especially in pop culture today.


    Mollie (Reply)
  • I don’t think she’d have gotten as much attention if she had a nice hair-do. I know it might sound stupid but you either have to be completely unattractive or completely gorgeous to succeed. If she had a nice hairstyle and pretty makeup she would just have been looked at as an older, out of shape woman but when she looks like a mess it’s quirky. I hate that about society.

    Jaime (Reply)

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