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My friend Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie recently updated the look of her site, making the navigation so much easier and fun to get around. Yesterday I was poking around, reading her hilarious posts, when I came across her 100 Things (if your name is Amber and you write the BBJ blog, you should probably update your 100 Things because you have totally been to LA!).

Reading Amber’s 100 Things had me thinking that somewhere in my files, I had started a similar list when a few of my friends (Hi Annie! Hi Paul! Hi Tammy!) tagged me on Facebook, but I never got around to completing it.

So, I dug up my list and finally finished it— JUST FOR YOU! (And Annie, and Paul, and Tammy):

100 Things

  1. I was born in 1971 (which makes me very very old).
  2. My 20 year high school reunion is this summer (again, very old).
  3. Until a few years ago, I thought I was born in the year of the Boar.
  4. But because my birthday falls in January, before the Chinese New Year, I was technically born in the year of the Dog.
  5. I have never had a cavity. Even on my baby teeth.
  6. I have never had braces.
  7. For those reasons, I love going to the dentist.
  8. I am short. Only 5′ 4″
  9. I like to paint my nails. In fact, I paint them better myself than most manicurists.
  10. I’m not afraid to get dirty, but I don’t like to stay dirty.
  11. Failing as a mother is my biggest fear.
  12. But the job is so hard, I pretty much I suck at it. (In my defense, I have VERY demanding children.)
  13. I am a Capricorn. (The best sign in the zodiac.)
  14. My husband thinks I’m the most amazing girl EVER.
  15. This makes me laugh.
  16. I hate road trips.
  17. I like my popcorn a little on the burned side.
  18. I don’t communicate very well.
  19. I keep most of my feelings inside, pretending to be okay even if I’m not. (Very Stepford-ish.)
  20. Or sometimes I blow up like a raging lunatic. (Very Girl Interrupted-ish.)
  21. And then I clean the house with fury.
  22. There’s nothing like scrubbing the tub when you’re pissed off.
  23. I can’t cook, but I’m good at other things. (Like telling my husband what he should make us for dinner.)
  24. I used to be very organized.
  25. Lately my life seems to be a puddle of mud.
  26. Since my dad died last year, I haven’t felt like myself.
  27. My biggest regret is not spending more time with him.
  28. My dad was the best.
  29. I could live on Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins.
  30. I drive a mini-van.
  31. A red Dodge Grand Caravan with seats that fold into the floor.
  32. I like my car, even if it’s not sexy.
  33. I’ve worn contacts since 7th grade.
  34. I LOVE babies.
  35. And babies love me (usually).
  36. I’m the stranger that will ask if I can hold your baby.
  37. I fantasize about being rich.
  38. If I were rich, I would be dangerous.
  39. If I were rich, I would have more time to read and do yoga. ( Two things I love, but never seem to find the time to do.)
  40. I am a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol.
  41. Half a glass of wine and I’m all red and blotchy.
  42. OMG, I’m not even halfway there yet.
  43. I’m horrible at grammar.
  44. And I use the word “that” inappropriately ALL THE TIME. (Along with a few hundred other words.)
  45. I annoy myself.
  46. I used to write about my family on thevalentefamily.com but since my dad died, I’ve only posted pictures.
  47. Writing about my family is kind of therapeutic, I should start doing it again.
  48. My husband reads my mannerisms as if I’m talking to him. (He knows things are happening before I tell him. Weird.)
  49. I am constantly rearranging and reorganizing my home. The task is never ending.
  50. I’m the kind of mom that gives in to my kids because I can’t stand to listen to them whining at me. (I also can’t stand to see them unhappy.)
  51. This is likely the reason my 6 year old still sleeps in our bed.
  52. I don’t believe in honking my horn.
  53. If one of the kids reaches over while I’m driving and honks the horn, I start having heart palpitations.
  54. I am a nice girl.
  55. I’m convinced I had one of the fattest babies ever. At 6 months, Bailey was 24 pounds.
  56. Now I have one of the skinniest babies ever. At age 6, Janey is only 2 pounds heavier than she was at age 3!
  57. I like to work in silence.
  58. Right now I’m in my home office and my husband has the Golf Channel on downstairs. Even though the volume is fairly low IT’S COMPLETELY THROWING ME OFF. I need silence, people.
  59. I use a MacBook Pro.
  60. I hate making small talk on the phone. Which might be why I’m not the best at staying in touch.
  61. Makeup Bag has changed my life.
  62. I’ve never worked harder at anything in my life than Makeup Bag and it still kicks my butt.
  63. Am I there yet?
  64. Did I mention how I like ice cream? Especially the Jamoca Almond Fudge kind?
  65. My daughter Bree has an amazing voice. I need to capture her singing because she’s really good.
  66. I suck at singing.
  67. I seem to be the only family member that knows where anything is in our house. (And it’s not because I was the last one to use it or it’s been put away in the right place. A good amount of common sense AND MY EYEBALLS are where I’m successful at finding things.)
  68. I like to think my kids’ good traits come from me.
  69. Except for their athleticism. I suck at sports and they’re talented athletes.
  70. I gave birth to my first two babies without any pain medicine. By the time I had my third, I smartened up and asked for the epidural. BEST. DECISION. EVER. (Girls, get the epidural!)
  71. I love stationery. Notebooks, envelopes, cards… you name it. I love it.
  72. My sister is the best.
  73. She’s 11 months older than me so we’re the same age for 2 weeks every January. She loves that.
  74. It’s because of her that I hoped my second baby was a girl. I wanted Bree to have a sister.
  75. My sister doesn’t have children, so I share mine with her.
  76. Janey’s first word was “Auntie.” I’m not even kidding.
  77. For being a beauty girl, I am surprisingly low maintenance.
  78. I’m diligent about sunblock on my face and moisturizer on my feet. Other than that, I’m whatever. (Mostly. Ha.)
  79. I don’t type LOL very often. Every time I do, I linger before hitting send because I feel kind of ridiculous.
  80. Some of my best friends are people I met through Makeup Bag. (Internet friends as my kids call them!)
  81. My favorite mascara of all time is Shiseido Lasting Lift mascara.
  82. I’m in the process of reorganizing my beauty closet (I’m documenting it for Makeup Bag). My office is a huge mess of hair products, makeup and skin cream.
  83. I wish I had more friends that lived close to me.
  84. New York is the best city ever.
  85. Next is San Francisco.
  86. I could easily live in either place.
  87. Although Poipu Beach on Kauai isn’t bad, either!
  88. My husband was my boyfriend in high school (sometimes).
  89. I met him at a party at Poipu Beach when I was 16 years old. I was wearing a pink and green Esprit outfit with my hair in a high side ponytail (it was 1987) and white huarachi sandals (also Esprit).
  90. Why do I remember that?
  91. I need to eat less and exercise more.
  92. I’m always trying to lose 20 pounds.
  93. Damn that ice cream.
  94. I hate to be tickled. Don’t even come near my feet.
  95. I’ve only taken my kids camping once (before Janey was born).
  96. Now Janey begs to go camping and the older kids are like, “No!”
  97. I guess I’m not the best camper.
  98. I’m thinking of taking up golf. That would make my husband happy.
  99. Lassa” is my nickname. All my family members and childhood friends call me Lassa.
  100. If you made it this far, you’re my new best friend.
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  • Aww, this is so cute. And stop with the “old” talk. :)

  • ahhh amazing. i love reading things like this (mostly cuz I’m nosey) and I like finding stuff about people (again…nosey).

    -Capricorns are the best (December 24 over here..hayy!)
    -“LOL” is like my fave word ever.
    -Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream= love


  • After reading your list i already feel like i know you much better even though i’m all the way in Australia. And Yes, i LURRRRRV painting my nails…it’s like my own brand of heroine…..hahaha. And unlike you, i NEVER get tipsy. I can drink a whole bottle of 10% wine without feeling any different. But then, i hardly ever drink, only when i’m extremely pissed off. OH, i ALWAYS bottle up my emotions which is what sends me toward the wine bottle [Sauvignon Blanc from Lindemans to be precise!]

  • I made it that far, Lassa! 😀
    You have a lovely family, am jealous.

  • Wow! amazing. great story of your life .i love reading this type of things.
    Really nice!!

  • I love your list!!

    I annoy myself too, which usually leads me to worry that I’m annoying everyone else as well (but they insist I’m not). I don’t think you’re annoying AT ALL. :-)

    Also, you’re not THAT old!!! Geez. 😉

  • This is a great list and if you want me to I will fly to visit YOU and all those beautiful, fun, and adorable kids this summer. Let me know. Rates are cheap now to Reno. :)

  • I love your list! Can’t wait to finally meet you in person – hopefully this summer. You rock!

  • I totally made it lol,and i find u so cute!Plus I found u have quite alot in commn with me…It’s one thing reading a blog for the info,it’s another tto read it because u find a connect with the person writing…I love the blog <3

    (Totally felt ridiculous abou the ‘lol’ thing too lol(ironic i had to type that but it’s just a requirement in the blogging world i guess!) and i agreed with too many of your points to mention here )

    kaya (Reply)
  • p.s I think i left a comment on your website too

    kaya (Reply)
  • Great list! I’m right down the road in good old Sacto, if you ever want a shopping buddy in SF, let me know! Yay, another “internet friend”! 😛

    Lauren (Reply)
  • you are by far the ONLY person that has made ‘100 things about me’ read-able!! everyone else.. i’m done at 15!

    thanks for sharing YOU with us 😉

  • 37 is NOT “ery very old”… it’s not even VERY old… stop thinking of yourself that way – you’re too young to think that way… it will only age you more…!
    great and fun blog, by the way…!

  • Sparrowsoul: But I’m THIRTY EIGHT. Haha. I know it’s not very very old— I’m kidding…

    Lauren: I’m in Sac ALL THE TIME! We’ll have to meet up for sure :)

    Kia: It took me forever to write that list. Amazing how hard it is to write down the mundane things about yourself!

  • Kaya: Thank you! I did see your comment on my family site. You’re so sweet :)

    Kari: I can’t wait to meet you, too!

    Julia: I thought you were meeting me in Hawaii :) haha.

  • Lena: Thank you!

    She Who is Tall and Red: I’m sure I annoy everyone around me, too!

    Hermine: We are totally going to hang out if I ever make it to Australia!

    Eileen: A fellow Cappy! (Are you bossy, too?) haha.

    Carla: I need to see your list, now!

  • Hey i was born in ’69 and I’m not old….

  • That was the best post ever! No wonder we’re “Internet Friends”…I related to about 60 things on that list. Awesome read.

  • Amy: You’re right. You’re not old, and neither am I. I was just kidding!

    Daneen: Except for #66. Because you have a kick-ass singing voice! I wish I would’ve had my flip camera that night!

  • Can’t believe you made it to 100! I had a hard time with 25!haha! Just for the record, I too was born in 71 and have a 20 yr reunion this summer too. SHOCKING….I’m Not that old, I’m not, I’m not!! 😉
    You are so sweet! Everyone loves you…remember that!

  • I’m going to try #81.
    I get the part about your Dad…I’m still reeling after losing him two months ago. I find it reassuring that it will be OK to still miss him after a year.
    Esprit! I so remember those days!

  • You made my morning! Love you!

  • That was awesome!! I could never do 100! And #60 is a lie.. then again maybe you need to tell me to shutup on the phone! LOL

  • aww your hubby was your bf sometimes in high school!! and you remember what you wore!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    man, 100 things is a lot harder than 25 random facts.. i want to tackle it too!

    oh yea.. even though your high school reunion is coming up soon, you still look like you’re in your 20s. that’s a WIN!

  • Erika, that was amazing

    You are such an awesome person!!

  • I made it! Now I’m thinking about making a website of my family! It would be nice. I wish I had a sister too!

    Ngoc Chu (Reply)

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