Teen Corner: Runway Beauty at Behnaz Serafpour

From feathers used for makeup to birdcage purses, fashion week is full of kooky designs that grab our attention. Although these trends may fly on the runways, they may be a tad bit difficult to land in your daily style. On the other hand, Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2009 collection presented a look that can be effortlessly transferred to the streets.


The makeup inspired by the sculptor, Alexander Calder, was all about embracing natural beauty. The eyes were rimmed with dark smoldering eyeliner, but the rest of the face was all about natural beauty. The skin was evened out and the natural face structure was enhanced and chiseled. The MAC head makeup artist for the show, Gordon Espinet described the look, “This is very easy translatable because its all about embracing each face. That is why makeup should never have rules–one man’s food is another man’s poison!”

And the best part? Knowing this super easy look was straight from the runways!


The nails, done by Creative Nail Design, were a polished beige color. Meant to elongate your fingers, this was a very classy clean and polished look.

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