Reason #5,267 why my kids get everything they want

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It’s not that I wanted to deprive the poor child of a ball here at Bailey’s volleyball tournament. The fact of the matter is that we buy her one at every tournament we go to, and then they collect dust in the corner of her room for the remainder of their lives.

But really, just tell me now, could you say no to a note like that?

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  • Bailey is the cutest thing EVER.

  • OMG, I think my heart just melted :-) … If I got a note like that from any one of my kids, I think I’d buy out Dick’s Sporting Goods LOL! Too, too sweet!

    (And that’s a keeper of a note, to save forever!)

    Christine (Reply)
  • Erika, when my daughter was 6 she wrote a similiar note, except it was addressed to God asking why her mommy “hetes” her little “gril”. Beware, it only gets worse, when she 13 she wrote a 2 page essay about why she should be allowed to pierce her belly button. I saved that one too. :)

    Cindyrella (Reply)
  • Stop it – she is just too cute. I hope you bought her the ball she wanted!

  • That is just tooooo precious!!!! Please say you bought her the ball.That adorable note alone deserves an extra special treat

    Dana (Reply)
  • Oh lawd…we have a young drama queen! I love her to death but she is working you honey LOL. I know I pretend to be a hardass but I would have caved too…..LOL

  • ugh, she’s ADORABLE. i wish i was that creatively manipulative when i was younger.

    kate (Reply)

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