Purple Reigns

This morning my friend Ann came over for a visit and, as always, we got to talking about our favorite beauty products and trends of the season.

We both agreed that deep purple nail polish is our favorite trend right now with the gorgeous Chanel Vendetta taking top spot. However, if you’d rather not spend $23 on a nail polish, here’s a few shades of purple that are a tad more affordable:


Jessica Cosmetics in Birds of Paradise ($7)

Application is tricky with this polish as it tends to grab and pull the first layer of color, but if you can get past that, you’ll be left with gorgeous jewel-toned nails that are beyond shiny.

Orly Nail Color in Midnight Star ($7.50)

Not only is this a beautiful, shimmery shade of rich purple, but it also comes with a coordinating gemstone costume ring.

Nicole by OPI Nic’s Sticks in I’m on Deadline ($5.99)

Janey turned me on to Nic’s Sticks last year and I have to say—they’re quick, easy and great for travel. The new shades for spring are expected to hit counters in May and I’m in love with this intense blue-violet shades called I’m on Deadline.

CND in Deep Velvet (On Sale for $6)

CND polishes never fail to impress me. My all-time favorite shade is Nail Noir but I’m adoring Deep Velvet, a deep shimmery purple.

Check out these tips I picked up from the Creative Nail Design nail pros while I was in New York in February:

Roxanne Valinoti: “To save time when applying a dark nail color or reapplying the same polish, instead of removing the previous color, simply buff the original polish smooth and apply the darker shade/same color directly on top, then finish with a topcoat. this is only a short-term fix but will add layers giving nails additional strength.”

Amanda Fontanarrosa: “Wafting on hands or blowing on wet enamel does not speed up drying time, instead it slows it down. That’s why we usse Solar Speed Spray to conrol the flow of oxygen over enamel helping it to dry faster.”

Cherie Pollard: “Always follow CND’s nail care mantra of Care, Condition and Coat, this helps to lock in moisture to strengthen natural nails. Regular maintenance following this mantra will ensure your nails are almost always catwalk ready.”

Kristina Baune: “Almond Soothing Cream is a must! It moisturizes dry chapped skin and leaves a glowing shine on a manicure or buffed nails.”

Angi Wingle: “Apply a liberal amount of SolarOil before removing nail color. It helps prevent the darker colors from absorbing into the skin around and under the nails. It’s also essential to use an acetone-based nail polish remover for quick removal. Non-acetone polish remover works too slowly and makes a mess.”

Wanda Ruiz: “If you’re really short on time use CND’s Girlfriend Buffer block to give your nails a high shine, then massage a bit of SolarOil into your cuticles for an instant manicured look.”

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  • how i love purple… let me count the ways!

  • I’ve been seeing pastels everywhere.. especially the green. Minty greens.. but I don’t think I’m going to buy that shade.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Hermana — I just gave you an award. Drop by the Cafe Beautique!

  • I love purple polish and have been since last fall. I was excited by OPI’s France collection — alot of awesome purple shades!

    Kaitlyn (Reply)
  • I have the Nicole one in Im on a Deadline on my toes right now, LOVE IT =)

    Tiffany (Reply)
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    i really need it lool
    not ur stupid make uppp

    lola (Reply)
  • i mean i neeed make up bags for ma coursework
    yh u do understand

    lola (Reply)

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