MAC Tricolour Lipglass


If anything, I want this new Tricolour Lipglass from the MAC Sugarsweet Collection just to have in my purse to show off.

With three shades of varying pearl combinations in one lipgloss vial, each application could result in a varied shade. Fun!

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  • i just bought this in Consume Me yesterday! i love it :) i’m definitely going to get a couple more soon. i love the concept of putting the colors together in a layer– each application is a little different each time you use it because the colors are getting a little bit more blended each time. i wonder what it will look like in a month… :)

  • I want, I want, I want.

    Monica (Reply)
  • Ohhh…I want this!!

  • Those are too sheer for me…

  • This would look really cute in your makeup bag but like Monique said it’s going to blend and be pretty weird looking.

    Jaime (Reply)

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