Lunchtime entertainment: Janey’s DRAMA

A little break from beauty: Tales of Janey’s first grade drama.

The Beauty Girls and I had fun watching this video of Janey on my Flip camera during Fashion Week last month.

It was unanimous: Every girl needs her very own elf.

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  • And, according to my sister, every girl needs a pair of sparkly Dorothy shoes!

  • This CONTINUES to make me DIE laughing. That’s so… RUUUDE!

  • I never get tired of this video. Sienna, Josie and Jasmine better watch their backs…because Janey’s gonna start her OWN club and make each of them an elf.

  • I think i need my own elf.

    atiyah9369 (Reply)
  • The expression on her face is PRICELESS.

  • That is too adorable. Oh – the DRAMA!!!

    Caci just realized that you are Janey’s Mom – she loved the “Hannah Montana” video she made before.

  • You are special… Like, Really Special:)

    Tall, dark and alone (Reply)
  • Dear Tall, dark and alone– I’m sorry you’re in Hawaii all by yourself, but when you write things like that, people might think you’re a creeper.

    PS–thanks for finally reading my website. After 2 1/2 years, you finally leave me a comment. (Oh wait. That comment wasn’t for me. It was for our daughter– oh well.)

  • Too freaking adorable. :-)

  • I LOVED it…
    Janey is beautiful…
    Thanks for sharing!

    Paris E

  • lol this little girl is too cute.

  • I think that little Sienna needs an attitude check. lol Janey should start her own club… she’s so into the drama and politics of her grade. :)

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Like, her friends are sooo rude! LOL…that was too cute.

  • you have such a cute little voice! i swear it sounded like you were about 15 for a second.

    Jenni (Reply)
  • aww your daughter is so adorable!! “you should call her mom!” LOL. so cute!

    nancy (Reply)
  • hahahahaaa!! OMG! Too much fun..I seriously burst out laughing in the middle of my journalism class…I swear I was doing research 😉

  • aww, how cute! she sounds like my 10yr old explaining her 4th grade drama!

  • What a cute video! Janey is so cute, and really has a good little heart. She is just precious!

    carol (Reply)
  • I showed this to all my friends because it’s too cute. We all just started laughing and going, “aww!”

    Please post more of Janey’s DRAMA! She’s so well spoken for a first grader. I think in first grade, I just told my mom that so and so ate glue. Silent treatment? Boss? Yea, had no idea what those meant.

  • best part of my day was watching that!

    can I have her……please!!!!! lol

    Mona (Reply)

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