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Today I am in Spokane, Washington where one of my daughters is playing volleyball in a tournament. Before I left the house, I grabbed a book off my desk—a preview that had just arrived from a publisher—to read on the plane. Once I was settled into my seat and got a better look at the book cover, my first thought was to leave it in the seat back pocket in front of me. It’s not that I’m not interested in learning some “Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better”—but at first glance, this book seemed more like an infomercial than a helpful style guide. (Also, I should mention the side glancing looks I got from fellow passengers made me wish I had grabbed Getting Things Done off my nightstand—which I’m reading for the second time and determined to make work—to appear less vain.)

How Not to Look Old, written by Charla Krupp, a former beauty director and current contributor at More Magazine and People Style Watch, turned out to be very informative and entertaining. I found the “Getting Gorgeous by City” section at the back of the book to be particularly useful, along with a few “Top Tens” that I’ll share with you here:

Ten Things You Can Do in the Next Ten Minutes to Take Off Ten Years

  1. Pick pink for your pout.
  2. Arch your brows upward.
  3. Cover gray brow hairs with pencil and powder.
  4. Slim down your eyeliner.
  5. Falsify a few lashes.
  6. Don’t outline your lips with dark liner.
  7. Lighten up on the foundation and powder.
  8. Unchain your reading glasses.
  9. Lose the suite. Switch up the pieces instead.
  10. Slip on heels or high-heeled boots.

Ten Things You Can Do for Less Than $100 to Take Off Ten Years

  1. Slim down with shapewear bike shorts
  2. Boost your bust with the right bra.
  3. Slough off old skin with a microdermabrasion kit.
  4. Switch from powder to cream blush.
  5. Cut some bangs.
  6. Polish your toes—black, burgundy, whatever.
  7. Pick up a hip accessory.
  8. Spring for “Body Bling.”
  9. Whiten your teeth.
  10. Have a tailor shorten (and narrow) your skirts.

Charla Krupp does a great job of covering beauty and style from A-Z and offers an abundance of helpful tips and suggestions for looking and feeling younger.

How Not to Look Old is available online at and

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  • I love lists! This sounds like a great read (even just for the heck of it, in my case)…


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