Chanel Summer Nail Color: Orange Fizz


Chanel has a new nail color called Orange Fizz that will debut with the summer collection.

Look how fun and summery it is!


More details from the Chanel summer collection coming soon.

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  • Beautiful! I want!!

  • I saw this collection at my local Saks counter today and it is *beautiful*. I want everything! Orange Fizz is especially great for summer.

    Wendy (Reply)
  • So summery and pretty! I need it.

    Holly (Reply)
  • Love the shade! It actually looks like a wearable shade of orange rather than a neon type of orange shade.

  • It’s beautiful!!! It reminds me of a shade my grandma Blanche used to wear back in the day. Ohhh the memories… :)

    Melissa (Reply)
  • Erika I cannot believe that you are wearing 2 rings on one hand and next to each other!

  • gorg shade!!

  • Ann- I know! The horror. Haha. Ever since I lost my wedding ring, I’ve been wearing this plain gold band that Jody gave me 15 years ago. It’s so teeny it’s practically non-existant. I kinda forget that it’s there, even! Besides, in my old age, I’ve decided to forego all the rules and do whatever the hell I want. Hhaaa.

  • It’s beautiful–but looks more of a peach tone than orange, which is right up my alley.

  • Funny OMG you lost your wedding R U kidding! That is so awful it was such a beautiful ring. I bet you were sick about it

  • I’m a long time freelance makeup artist for Chanel. I LOVE the Orange Fizz! I saw it at the Chanel spring progressive training I attended in January. Been lusting it ever since.
    I’ll buy it for my pre-spring break pedicure for sure. Chanel polish stays on SO much longer than many of the polish choices in nail salons. Well worth the $$ especially for a gorgeous color like Orange Fizz.

  • I have to get this color – gorgeous!

    Tina B. (Reply)
  • Love that color. It’s so spring-like.
    Your ring is great too.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Love the color, but that ring is to die for! You have great taste!

  • Erika,

    Are these pics fairly true-to-color? ‘Cause it looked so weak-peachy in other pics. If it’s more like what you’re showing, I need it! 😉


  • Jen, it’s definitely more orange than peach! Would look great on a tropical vacation with a Mai Tai in hand :)

  • Not a color I’d wear on my hands but it would be great for a summer pedicure…if I had a tan!

    Love your ring!!

  • The minute after I move (next Mon!) I’m so painting my nails with THAT. It looks PHENOM. Hi, doll :)

  • BEAUTIFUL and your hand is gorgeous!!! love it.

  • Wooo~ I like it! Must have it!

    suzie (Reply)

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