Oscars Red Carpet Watch: Sarah Jessica Parker


I’m loving Sarah Jessica Parker‘s darker hair and smooth curls, but let’s talk about her dress.

This “barely mint” Dior haute couture gown doesn’t seem to fit up top. In fact, I’d be surprised if the girls stay contained through the night. What do you think? Is SJP’s dress supposed to fit like this?

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  • since when is SJP that, uh, endowed?

    Lori (Reply)
  • WHOAAA! She needs a bigger dress. Or smaller cutlets!

  • Update: the word is ABUNAI! lol

  • If you were a real SATC fan, you would know she has always had great boobs for her size, I think she looks fabulous! Always glowing is our SJP!

    Nicky (Reply)
  • Ummm…she has always had beautiful breasts! And yes, that big. She looks stunning as usual. Love you SJP!

    Sara (Reply)
  • Off topic, but I thought she and Matthew Broderick split up?

    Carla (Reply)

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