He’s Just Not That Into You Premiere

The star-studded cast of He’s Just Not That Into You gathered at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre last night for the movie’s Los Angeles premiere.

Once again, Drew Barrymore rocked a retro look (remember her Golden Globes look? LOVE!) and looked beyond fabulous. Drew is one of those girls that looks even better as she gets older:


Everything about her cat-eyes, luxe lashes and bubble gum-pink lips was divine. Go Drew!


Jennifer Aniston must have been feeling frisky last night because she had her hair pulled into a rarely-seen up-do. It’s rare for Jennifer to stray from her signature sleek-hair look, so this was definitely a welcome change.


Next to Drew, Ginnifer Goodwin was my second favorite look of the night. The warm golds and browns looked so pretty against her complexion and added a bit of sparkle to what could have been a boring, neutral face. Also, can we just note the gorgeous, shiny hair? Amazing.


I almost didn’t post a picture of Jennifer Connelly because there was not anything super special about her look last night, but I love how her Brooke Shields brows have remained intact over the years. (I do wish that Jennifer would gain some weight, though. She is looking very emaciated these days!)


I’m loving the rich red shade of Scarlett Johansson‘s hair. The shade is perfect for her skin tone but I can’t help but notice the yellow cast to her teeth. Could her teeth really be that yellow or is this picture playing tricks on me?


And finally, a scruffy-but-still-hot Ben Affleck giving the camera his infamous crooked half-smile.

I’m looking forward to seeing this movie!

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  • Hi Erika: Can we use your top secret connections to find out what lipcolor Jen A is wearing>? xoxoxo

    Carolina (Reply)
  • All the ladies look amazing. I’m loving Ginnifer’s look. She’s gorgeous. I’m def. going to take inspiration from that.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Drew Berrymore looks AMAZING lately. Did she hire a new stylist and a makeup artist? lol:)

  • Hmm, I think it isn’t so much that ScarJo’s teeth are yellow as that they haven’t been whitened recently. The whole whitening/veneer thing has changed our perception of what constitutes white teeth. I like her hair color a lot, but I don’t like the style. That pasted-down look doesn’t work on her.

  • Carolina– I’ll try to find out!

    Jaime– I’m going to try her look, too!

    Marta– I think you and I are the only ones that are liking Drew’s new look. Most people are HATING.

    Susanna– you’re right about the teeth-whitening thing. It’s kind of like the fake-book thing. Nobody knows what real boobs look like anymore…

  • He’s Just Not that Into You blew away my expectations; i thought the two Jennifers (Aniston and Connelly) made a great team

  • They all did a great job. Very cute movie!

  • Can anyone tell me the color of Ginnifer Goodwin’s nail polish in the movie? I loved it!

    Alyson (Reply)
  • Just read about Ginnifer’s nail polish here!


    Lisa (Reply)
  • very hot


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