Grammy Gorgeousness: Katy Perry


Katie Perry‘s hairstyle at last nights’s Grammy Awards in Los Angeles was a classy rendition of a 40’s style wave – defined yet soft and a fun look for those with shorter hair. Suave celebrity hairstylist, Luke O’Connor, has a few tips on how to recreate this look at home:

Shampoo and condition hair with the Suave Damage Control line to moisturize hair and add a layer of protection from the curling iron used in this look. Take two to three inch sections of hair and roll into barrel curls around a one inch curling iron, using the iron as if a roller. Clip each roll to set in place. Work from the top down until all hair is set. Once finished (and hair is cool) apply a light mist of Suave Extra Hold Hairspray. Remove clips and lightly brush through hair to create a soft wave. Finish off with another spritz of hairspray.

Katy also rocked a similar look at a pre-Grammy party the night before. Tons of false lashes and red lips. Very Glamorous, Katy!


photos: wire image

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  • I don’t know. Katy looks AWESOME for the party, but for the actual Grammy’s she looked a little too fake-baked for my tastes. Plus, the shade of lipstick totally isn’t working for me. I love her hair in both the pictures, though.

    Elle (Reply)
  • Love the eye look in both of these pictures. I love her dress in the bottom picture too.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Her hair looks really good. Suave Damage Control conditioner is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! I have really long hair, and I have tried sooo many conditioners to help my hair feel soft, and also to help with the tangles. I have spent tons of money buying the high dollar conditioners. On a whim, I decided to try Suave Damage Control. I am so glad I did. It is awesome! And it only costs $1.79 a bottle (here in Iowa). I am hooked!!

    Nicole (Reply)
  • wow…dont you think her fake boobs are sticking out too much? How much more do you wanna show them off??

    Anonamus (Reply)

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